SEILPARTNER Windkraft services wind energy facilities worldwide. Since we began working in the wind energy sector in 1996, our employees have assembled, inspected, maintained, and/or repaired more than 10,000 facilities. Our flexibility, efficient technology and years of experience provide our customers with cost and time savings.

SEILPARTNER Windkraft constantly optimises its work procedures, ensuring shorter downtime and more efficiency and longevity for wind energy facilities. We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and accredited by Germanischer Lloyd as a repair firm for rotor blades.

Wind energy facility services

Wind energy facilities are only profitable when they’re operating. As a certified service partner, we ensure functional and long-lasting wind energy facilities. For more than ten years, we have been assembling, maintaining and repairing wind energy facilities worldwide, regardless of the type and height of the facility, whether it is on or offshore.

SEILPARTNER Windkraft provides a range of global services for wind energy facilities.
SEILPARTNER Windkraft provides a range of global services for wind energy facilities.
Current status inspections of rotor blades in Rostock, Germany.
Repair of rotor blades in Pincher Creek, Canada; we are a Germanischer Lloyd-accredited rotor blade repair firm.
Our repair and maintenance services are used by wind energy facility companies worldwide.

We offer a range of services, including assembly, repair, and maintenance work on rotor blades and towers. Further specialist areas include training programmes and providing equipment.

Rotor blade inspection, repairs, delivery and assembly

SEILPARTNER Windkraft provides a range of rotor blade services, including rotor blade condition inspection, fibre composite technology repairs, and the delivery and assembly of components and optimizers. We have obtained shop approval from Germanischer Lloyd for the repair of rotor blades.

In addition, we provide examination and maintenance of lightning protection systems and hydraulic tip covers.

Tubular tower maintenance services

SEILPARTNER Windkraft provides a range of services for lattice and steel tubular towers, including condition inspection, and corrosion protection and lamination work.

  • Examination, repair and maintenance of aviation obstruction lighting and lightning protection systems
  • Maintenance of selected service lifts
  • Assembly and maintenance of protection-against-fall equipment and climbing facilities
  • Diverse assembly operations

Personal protective equipment training

SEILPARTNER Windkraft provides personal protective equipment (PPE) training with user instructions, PPE emergency and rescue training for masts and wind energy facilities, and PPE professional training according to BGG 906.

Wind energy facility equipment

SEILPARTNER Windkraft provides qualified advice and a sales service for high-quality equipment used at wind energy facilities and/or for high-altitude rescue.

Wind energy facility development

We plan, develop and implement maintenance concepts for large and individual sites.

Efficient, high-quality services for wind energy facilities

Intensive contact with all brand name wind energy facility manufacturers guarantees that we have the latest know-how. Highly qualified and motivated workers and the latest technology enable quick and precise service to the highest quality standards. Combined with efficient access techniques and extraordinarily flexible work procedures, this ensures we offer our clients enormous time and cost advantages.

Our employees have achieved certification in the following:

  • Current status inspections of access facilities and non-portable ladders
  • Examination and maintenance of selected service lifts
  • Current status inspections of fall arrest systems
  • Training and instruction in the use of PPE
  • PPE emergency and rescue training on wind energy facilities

As a competent service partner, we offer you the optimum solution for all the needs of your wind energy facility.