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Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Control, Storage and FME Systems

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Your industry demands the highest level of reliability and safety. You’ve invested in the right people, given them the best training and developed a professional ethos that is second to none. Snap-on is accustomed to working with essential industries and is committed to delivering products and services that meet the high standards demanded by power customers worldwide.

Snap-on hand tools, power tools and workshop equipment are renowned for their design, quality and safety. They are durable, reliable and strong and represent a sound economic investment. Snap-on programs provide significant benefits in terms of advanced tool control, security, safety, asset management, training and foreign material elimination (FME) support.

Products and programs

Our range of products and services for the power industry includes:

  • Hand, power and torque tools
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools
  • Tool stations in workshops and manufacturing plants
  • Tool kits fitted in service vehicles
  • Tool kits fitted inside wind turbine nacelles
  • Standard and special maintenance kits
  • Level 5 tool storage, control and security
  • TC Max asset management software suite
  • Tools@Height anti-drop safety system
  • Mobile tool stores and workshops

Tool-Safe control and storage system

Developed from our Height-Kits 6, 7 and 8, currently in use at several nuclear power stations, the Tool-Safe kit combines Tools@Height tools, Level 5 tool control and TC Max asset management software.

Extensive range of torque tools from torque screwdrivers to adjustable click type to Techwrench electronic wrenches to calibration systems and support services.
Snap-on power impact wrenches, drills, ratchets, grinders and cutters are strong and reliable with excellent ergonomics.
From designing and outfitting complete workshops to providing man-portable tool kits, Snap-on Industrial delivers complete tool storage solutions.
TC Max asset management system delivers precise control and accountability of tools, consumables and equipment.
Snap-on mobile workshops and tool stores are fully equipped and can be fitted with our TCMax asset management system which gives total control of tools and equipment.

Access is controlled by the Level 5 electronic entry system using employee swipe/proximity security cards. Tool issue, return and tracking are managed by the TC Max asset management system. Tools@Height tools are tethered to the operative so they don’t fall onto personnel or drop into sensitive areas.

TC Max asset management system

TC Max is a highly effective asset management system that is easy to learn and quick to use. It will reinforce safety, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Ideally incorporated at the design stage of a new MRO or storage facility, the system can be easily retrofitted and expanded as required.

TC Max enhances your FME and Safety regime ensuring tools and consumables are tracked, accounted for, and not left where they could cause harm or damage. It also links you to safe operating procedures, gives advance notice of calibration expiry dates, restricts issue of tools only to those qualified to use them, and much more.

Tools@Height drop prevention system

The Snap-on Tools@Height safety system stops dropped tools harming personnel, causing damage or disrupting work. The system provides controlled storage of tools, secure transportation of tools to the worksite and reliable retention of tools during use.

High-level uses include working on overhead gantries, wind turbines, cranes, buildings, bridges, masts, power lines, drilling derricks, etc.

Low-level uses include stopping tools falling into fuel rod cooling ponds, machinery, production lines, water filter beds, mine shafts, etc.

Excellence in Education training programme

For over 80 years Snap-on has been the choice of the professional tool user, and is today the brand of choice for aspiring aerospace technicians and engineers. Our Excellence in Education programmes are designed to fully support students, colleges and training establishments.

Press Releases

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    Our new BK6000 digital-image capturing borescope offers unlimited uses for inspecting and photographing those hard-to-see places. With the BK6000, technicians can diagnose problems more accurately and quickly, avoiding disassembly when not required, resulting in significant savings in time and ef

  • Increased Efficiency with Snap-on Industrial Torque Multipliers

    Torque multipliers from Snap-on Industrial are crucial for any high torque, confined space situation. Not only will a torque multiplier help to make sure your fasteners are properly tightened, but it will help improve worker efficiency – two things that add up to increased productivity.

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