Spring Power Solutions High-Voltage and Protection Testing and Consultancy Services for the Power Industry

Spring Power Solutions (SPS) provides high-voltage (HV) and protection testing, as well as protection and electrical designing and consultancy services across Australia.

We are also the sole provider of the Spanish engineered world-class Online Partial-Discharge Monitoring Device, BlueBOX. As well high-quality cables and conductors to power utilities, government corporations, power stations and large organisations, at a remarkable competitive price.

SPS utilises state-of-the-art technologies, accurate instruments and the latest methodologies for HV and protection testing applications.

High-voltage testing services for the power industry

SPS provides a complete and extensive range of HV testing equipment and service solutions to facilitate power utility and electrical industries requirements.

Our highly experienced engineering team comprises well-equipped trained professionals, who can evaluate the operational health of components such as transformers, motors, generators, cables, switchboards, circuit breakers and lightning arresters.

Our examination services provide customers with Circuit Breaker Testing, Hi-Pot Testing, Partial Discharge Testing (PD), Di-Electric Loss Angle Test (DLA), and AC High-Potential Tests. We also provide Very Low-Frequency Tests (VLF), as well as Sweep Frequency Response Tests (SFRA) for transformers.

The high-voltage tests are carried out at our Australian business in Victoria and the Melbourne and Dandenong area, while our prices beat many other suppliers.

High-voltage cable and switchboard testing

Spring Power Solutions provides underground cable testing, including cable withstand tests, partial discharge testing and monitoring, as well as very-low-frequency (VLF) testing.

The company’s experts use the viola TD to complete VLF testing on wires, while they also carry out insulation resistance measurements, commissioning, tan delta tests, sheath integrity inspections and phase checks.

SPS’s highly experienced team offers relay protection testing using the Omicron CMC 356.

CT, VT and hi-pot testing are also provided for switchboards, as well as partial discharge testing and monitoring. Ductor tests and commisioning is included in SPS’s services.

Lightning arrester, circuit breaker and transformer testing

SPS provides insulation resistance tests and watt loss tests for lightning arresters used in electric power systems.

SPS’s offers circuit breaker testing for vacuum circuit breakers, air circuit breaks and Sf6 circuit breakers. AC / DC hi-pot, continuity, and IR tests are available.

Transformer testing includes:

  • Ratio
  • Winding resistance
  • Tap changer tests
  • Excitation current
  • Short circuit impedance
  • Partial discharge testing (PD)
  • Tan delta testing (TD)

Current / voltage, partial discharge and low-voltage cable monitoring

SPS delivers ration, burden and polarity tests to measure phase and magnitude errors. The company also provides testing for excitation curves, winding resistance and secondary burden.

Protection schemes for electrical devices and panels

SPS provides comprehensive testing, commissioning and maintenance services for protection devices in substations, solar panel systems, wind farms and industrial panels.

Our protection schemes are suitable for generators, transformers, transmission lines, and LV and feeder panels.

We also offer commissioning and maintenance services for distribution & transmission systems.

Our expert personnel is experienced in capital expenditure (capex) power utility projects throughout Australia.

High-voltage and protection consultancy services

SPS assists you in the design, procurement and commissioning phases of project developments.

We can draw on distinctive experts or provide a comprehensive delivery team to address your specific project requirements.

We perform design services, protection grading studies, protection system settings and recommendations, improvements and resolving issues.

Our HV consulting services enable us to deliver technical assistance for on-site HV apparatus such as transformers, motors, generators and circuit breakers. Our warehouse features the latest testing equipment to provide further analysis on faulty apparatus.

We support our client’s asset management applications and predict potential problems to avoid expensive breakdowns, prolonged production downtime and mitigate major HV safety hazards.

Our experienced engineers are proficient in resolving major protection complications and provide extensive resolutions.

Online partial discharge monitoring services and devices

Partial discharge measurements carried out by SPS deliver localised dielectric breakdown and testing of any imperfections / failures. Solid dielectric, high-voltage stress and gas voids are also tested.

Online and offline partial discharge test sets are available for rotating machines, power transformers, gas-insulated switchgear, power cables, and CT / VT transformers in switchgear.

Spring Power Solutions is the sole agent of DIAEL’s BlueBox technology for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

This new technology has been successful in overcoming the present challenges for online PD monitoring with game-changing features such as:

  • Automatic discrimination of electrical noise
  • Powerful analysis tools to identify PD sources
  • Criteria to evaluate insulation condition

BlueBOX is a breakthrough technology ideal for online PD monitoring in power transformers, cables, gas-insulated substations, and switchgear.

BlueBox technology has gained the patent for their powerful automatic filtering to find PD under the field background noise levels.

Benefits of using BlueBOX technology:

  • Alarm System
  • Reporting features
  • Identification of new defects
  • Evolution of defects
  • Confirmation of repairs
  • Ability to exceptionally omit the measurement degrading effects of background noise
  • Exceptionally large measuring bandwidth in comparison to available online PD devices
  • Advising on the preventive maintenance actions
  • Repairing / following by severity
  • Additional measurements
  • Insulation condition map

Low-voltage cables and conductors for the power sector

SPS’ portfolio includes low-voltage (LV) copper and aluminium underground cables. As well as all-aluminium and all-aluminium alloy overhead conductors (AAAC), and aluminium clad steel-reinforced (ACSR) overhead conductors.

Our products are widely used by Australian power utilities such as AusNet Services, Endeavour Energy, Western Power, Transend, Zinfa and Transfield Services, as well as various Australian and New Zealand cable manufacturers.

All our range of cables and conductors have been manufactured according to Australian or Endeavour Energy Standards. Our LV underground cables have been approved by Endeavour Energy.

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Spring Power Solutions

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Spring Power Solutions

U5/9, Technology Circuit


VIC 3803


+61 03 9796 5587 +61 04 2331 1251 (Toll-free) +61 03 8786 9142 springpowersolutions.com.au

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