Stork Technical Services New Zealand has been working with Vestas, a Danish global wind turbine manufacturer, for several years, supplying specialised multi-dimensional, non-destructive testing on wind farm turbines.

Stork Technical Services and Vestas have now formalised their relationship via signing an evergreen contract.

With innovative ultrasonic techniques, an image of the inside of the components used in wind turbines is made to define the condition of the material. In this way the condition of the turbine can be identified without the need to disassemble the turbine, and can be determined by Vestas whether this requires maintenance or repair.

Stork Technical Services developed the innovative procedures and knowledge base in New Zealand, where the work originated. For Stork Technical Services, this cooperation is a great opportunity to work within a growing sector of the power industry on a global base for the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer.

Tony McAnulty, vice president of Asia and Pacific Stork Technical Services said: "The team in New Zealand have worked together with Vestas for three to four years on this project and we are now very excited to formalize the contractual arrangements.

"This contract provides a tailored solution for Vestas and is another example of the ONE Stork strategy. With a combination of several Stork business and product lines: integrity solutions, rotating equipment, gears and services, and the rope access services of the business line fabric maintenance and using an experimental and innovative technique, Stork’s thinking and doing is once again proven."

As part of the contract, Stork Technical Services will also set up training facilities for the Vestas, supervise and interpret the outcome of the test results. Aligned with that, Stork will supervise an ASNT technical quality programme to ensure technical standards are maintained.