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Structural Vibration Solutions

Operational Modal Analysis Software

Structural Vibration Solution A/S is a world-renowned supplier and developer of the software for Operational Modal Analysis.

NOVI Science Park,
Niels Jernes Vej 10,
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Structural Vibration Solution A/S is a world-renowned supplier and developer of the software for Operational Modal Analysis.

The software is used by mechanical engineers for Modal Analysis of Operating Machinery such as engines, gas and steam turbines, wind turbines and drive trains in rotating machinery in general. Our patented software products are unsurpassed in the world.

Our customers include Siemens AG Energy Sector Fossil Power Generation Division, Siemens Wind Power, Vestas Wind Systems, GE Oil and Gas, Ramboll Oil and Gas, Prolec, Aibel AS, Bureau Veritas and MARIN.

Operational Modal Analysis – ARTeMIS Modal

Ambient Response Testing and Modal Identification software (ARTeMIS) is the most powerful and versatile tool for Operational Modal Analysis on the market today. Its ability to produce validated modal parameter estimates, based on parallel analysis of up to seven different analysis techniques, makes it the natural choice in mission critical applications.

The unique Crystal Clear Stochastic Subspace Identification (CC-SSI) techniques enableengineers to estimate the mode shapes, natural frequencies and damping ratios, directly from the raw measured time series data of structures under operating conditions.

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Free 30-day Demo Version Available

Please follow this link to download a 30 day trial version of the ARTeMIS Modal software.

Solving Vibration Issues with ARTeMIS Modal

ARTeMIS Modal helps our customers to determine and solve vibration issues in the vast number of cases where the excitation cannot be measured or controlled.

The software is used by engineers worldwide for Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) and OMA of all kinds of structures:

  • Operating machinery or other mechanical structures with or without rotating components.
  • Large structures like offshore platforms, dams and grinding mills in the mining industry.
  • Structures with rotating components such as wind turbines, streamturbines, engines and gas compressors.
  • Maritime structures like ships and submarines.
  • Automotive, trucks, trains and vehicles and sub parts systems.
  • Aerospace structures such as launch vehicles and aircrafts.

Challenged by Harmonics?

With ARTeMIS Modal you can get fast and accurate modal parameters from rotating machinery under operating conditions.

The presence of rotating components ‘harmonics’ in the data, can be difficult to work with. In many applications where rotating machinery is present in the structure being tested, it has been necessary to turn off the operation while doing the classical modal analysis (EMA) or it has been necessary to rely on the use of operating deflection shapes (ODS).

However, ARTeMIS Modal is born with the ability to handle harmonics from rotating components and can therefore analyse measurements obtained under the actual running conditions.

Company History

Structural Vibration Solution A/S was founded 1st of March 1999 as a spin-off company from Aalborg University in Denmark.

We are focused on the mission to be the leading provider of Operational Modal Analysis solution in the world and to follow our vision to develop Structural Vibration Solutions that every engineer can use.

Features of ARTeMIS Modal

ARTeMIS Modal is a powerful and versatile tool designed for the following analysis types: Operational Modal Analysis (OMA); Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA); Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS); and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).

Los Vientos Wind Farm, Texas

Duke Energy Renewables, part of Duke Energy's commercial portfolio, constructed the Los Vientos wind farms in Texas, US.

Structural Vibration Solutions Discusses Rotating Machinery

The occurrence of rotating components ‘harmonics’ has been difficult to handle for years and in applications where rotating machinery is present in the structure being tested, it has been essential to turn off the rotating machinery while carrying out the modal analysis, or it has been necessary to depend on the use of operating deflection shapes (ODS) analysis.

Structural Vibration Solutions A/S

NOVI Science Park

Niels Jernes Vej 10

Aalborg East