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Customised Covers and Fabrics to Protect Power Industry Components

2932 Thorne Drive
46154 Indiana,
United States of America

Transhield provides custom fit covers to protect against abrasion and condensation during storage and shipping for equipment and components from the power industry.

Founded in 1994, the US company develops and manufactures its patented shrinkable fabrics, a modified shrink film (laminated) or a soft non-woven material. This allows for heat shrinking and a tight fit, with a non-abrasive cloth-like lining to protect finishes from damage.

Transhield’s Shrinkable Fabric™ features the patented adhesive additive delivery-vapor corrosion inhibitor (AAD-VCI) system, which provides 100% protection from corrosion during transportation and storage.

The covers consist of three layers: an outer layer that is UV-resistant and anti-condensation, a middle adhesive layer and a soft inner layer. These covers offer a tight fit for quality protection, are easy to install and have the ability to shrink.

Custom-made covers and shrinkable fabric for use on wind turbine components

The shrinkable fabric covers serve as an alternative for heavy, custom tarps for wind power applications, used products such as tower sections, root ends and blades. Various openings can be designed into the covers, such as zip or Velcro, for access or different trailer configurations with wind tower section covers.

Easy-to-install and shrinkable, the wind power covers allow for a tight fit to protect the product from dirt and water during shipping and storage, resulting in quality protection from the factory to the field.

Transhield also creates custom covers for a wide variety of other power generation and distribution applications.

Protecting power industry components from corrosion during transportation and storage

Custom fit industrial equipment covers are available for a wide range of industrial and large equipment applications including metals, machinery, large parts and vehicles. The breathable exterior fabric is water proof and reduces condensation. It features easy application and removal, as well as simple use with custom-fit covers with zips, Velcro or other components. The Transhield patented VCI eliminates corrosion problems caused by transportation and storage.

Customised storage and transportation covers for the power industry

Specially customised storage and transportation covers are also available, designed to meet your specifications. Transhield’s shrinkable fabric is also available in rolls for a variety of applications and industries.

A patented alternative to packaging for the wind power sector

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Transhield has grown to serve many industries and applications, including wind power, industrial, HVAC, locomotive, marine after-market and original equipment manufacturers, as well as products specifically requested by the customer. In addition, three patented Transhield cover technologies are used for military applications.

Transhield is a recognised alternative to packaging and protecting a variety of products from part damage, corrosion and numerous elements during shipping and storage.

The Shrinkable Fabric with VCI

Transhield is a unique solution for transportation and road damage before delivery to the final destination.

New Literature for Windpower Application Covers

Transhield covers are easy to install and the added ability to shrink the cover allows for a tight fit, resulting in quality protection from the factory to the field tower sections, root ends, blades and other products.