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Induction technology for welding tasks

Induction technology is not a new innovation; it has been previously used for contemporary cooking hobs, but now it being used for specific and precise welding tasks.

It consists of conductive metal being heated up electronically and then cooled without contact. In particular, an alternating current is generated in the material at a specified frequency, which enables the molecules to be turned at a high-speed, from north to south continuously. This movement generates heat within the material.

This technology provides the heat needed for welding without requiring burners or similar flame-base apparatus. In addition, the system uses customised blankets or cables to wrap the material being welded.

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Precision welding with induction technology

Not only is material heated quicker with induction technology, it also cools at a faster rate and offers substantial precision.
Its use has demonstrated considerably higher quality of welded joints than other methods.

Using this technology enables the user to be in complete control, setting the exact temperature and the amount of time for the process. In addition, the temperature can also be set to maintain a continuous level for however long is necessary, including time for cooling.

Induction heating for welding of pipe connections in power plants

Due to the electronic method used for induction heating, time needed for repairing pipes is cut by a significant amount.
Our technology is regularly used in areas where much welding occurs, such as power plants, where there are multiple pipe connections.

Welding Company’s induction systems are used for:

  • Pipe welding
  • Tube welding
  • Process installation replacement
  • Power station maintenance
  • Construction of heavy materials
  • Oil pipeline welding
  • Gas pipeline welding
  • Factories
  • Different types of welding materials comprising alloyed metals
  • High-strength metals
  • Shrinking

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Economic energy consumption welding

The induction welding method is much safer because there are no burners or gas cylinders involved, which can present hazards.

The heat produced from the process is controlled, with water-cooled cables around the apparatus remaining cool despite being subjected to substantial heat.

As the device is heated internally, heat is not lost externally. This differs greatly from traditional flame-based welders, which are heated and cooled externally, so less environmentally-friendly as a result

Installation, maintenance and breakdown services

Our highly skilled staff carry out installations, maintenance and breakdown services for machines and equipment regardless of the customer purchasing or renting the item.

Employees at Welding Company have more than three decades of specialist experience in sustaining a large fleet of rental equipment. We are always happy to offer advice answer any questions you may have.