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Krah Pipes

Thermoplastic Pipes

Gaasi tee 11,
75306 Rae vald,

Krah Pipes is an Estonia-based plastic pipe producer. We produce pipes from polyethylene and polypropylene in an extrusion process, where a profile is wound around a steel mandrel. The profile can be solid wall or structured wall. For the production of the pipes we are use a German-based universal production line, which allows us to produce thermoplastic pipes with an inside diameter from 300mm up to 4,000mm. The length of the pipes produced is 1m-6m.

We produce pipes for several applications. The main applications are: pipes for collectors, sewage, rainwater, cooling water, landfill, outfall pipelines, relining pipelines, etc. We can also produce pipes with a special inside layer for different applications; for example, an antistatic layer for ventilation pipes to prevent the accumulation of dust inside the pipeline.

Plastic pipes in standard / exact stiffness classes

Krah pipes can be produced by the well-known ring stiffness classes SN2, 4, 8 and 16, but we also have the possibility to produce pipes with exact-needed stiffness by taking into account the real situation of the project. We use a static calculation program according to the ATV-DVWK-A 127 to make static calculations of underground pipelines and tanks. This makes it possible for us to always offer our customers the best solutions.

Versatile plastic pipes

Our pipes can be connected in several ways:

  • Electro fusion connection  – this is a joint, where a welding wire which is included in the socket is heated with a special welding device whereby the two pipe ends are jointed together
  • Rubber sealing connection
  • Butt welding connection
  • Flange connection
  • Connection with the extrusion welding

Pipe accessories – bends, branches, pumping stations and tanks

We are also producing different products from our pipes: bends, branches, reductions, manholes and pumping stations, as well as different collection and storage tanks (tanks for sewage, drinking water, chemical liquids, rainwater, etc.).

Advantages of thermoplastic pipes

Krah thermoplastic pipes advantages at a glance:

  • Durability – low investment costs and a service life of over 100 years reduce the operating costs
  • Time saving – up to 30% savings when laying the light and flexible pipes with lengths of 6m
  • Maintenance – the smooth inner surface reduces maintenance and clearing costs considerably
  • Hydraulics – due to the very good hydraulic properties, smaller pipe diameters can be used compared to current traditional pipe materials
  • Tightness – 100% tight joints: no infiltration or exfiltration, no root penetration due to welded system
  • Lengths – the standard lengths of 6m reduces the amount of joints
  • Integrated E-fusion – every pipe can have an integrated electro fusion
  • Temperature resistance of the pipes ranges from -40°C to +80°C
  • Environmental friendly – all materials can easily be recycled and lead back into the production cycle
  • Flexibility – the pipes are secure against fracture, even in case of earth movement
  • Easy handling – due to the low weight and the quick assembly, the pipes are very easy to handle

Krah Pipes

Gaasi tee 11

75306 Rae vald