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Pipe Parts and Complete Pipe Installations

Stadpipe's core business is the production of pipe parts and special parts in PE plastic. We also assemble complete pipe installations.

6750 Stadlandet,

Stadpipe’s core business is the production of pipe parts and special parts in PE plastic. We also assemble complete pipe installations.

Design and construction of pipes, pipe parts, plates and bolts

Our years of experience in the processing of thermoplastic allows us to take on assignments within the design and construction, certified welding and processing of pipes, pipe parts, plates and bolts.

Our employees are well-qualified and work continuously on the improvement of our products. We aim to remain at the forefront in the development of specialised pipe solutions for our customers.

PE pipe parts

Stadpipe makes regular investments in modern equipment and currently owns one of the most modern machine parks in the industry. All our machines are certified by authorised bodies and we produce pipe parts with dimensions up to 1,200mm.

Our vision is for Stadpipe to be the preferred supplier of PE parts, based on quality, expertise, service and innovation.

Specialised pipe parts

The design and construction of specialised pipe parts are often decisive factors for meeting customer requirements. We deliver complete pipe systems or parts in thermoplastic to industrial customers. We make use of Autocad and Inventor 3D during the design stage.

PE plastic fuel pipes

Our major deliveries are primarily to land-based industry. We design and fit complete installations. We also produce special tanks and parts for industry. Moreover, we carry out assignments for the oil industry. Our range of products includes the delivery and installation of fuel pipes in PE with internal coating, which make the pipes resistant to most types of fuel.

We can provide assistance for:

  • Manifolds for pump stations and cooling systems
  • Coolant supply pipes
  • Tanks and boxes
  • Wet wells
  • Outlet basins
  • Sea cables
  • Water pipes
  • Oil separators

Extraction of PE pipes

Extraction of PE pipes is one of our specialities. With our extraction technique, we can create extraction in pipes with a diameter of up to 1,200mm.

The extraction parts can be produced with minimum overall dimensions and according to accurate specifications from the customer. This extraction technique allows us to produce piers with a streamlined radius, allowing for excellent flow of liquids without noise and vibrations. Collars / flanges, pipe sockets, etc. are butt welded to the piers, creating a much stronger weld than with extrusion welding.

Los Vientos Wind Farm, Texas

Duke Energy Renewables, part of Duke Energy's commercial portfolio, constructed the Los Vientos wind farms in Texas, US.

Kenya-Ethiopia Electricity Highway

The Kenya-Ethiopia Electricity Highway Project, also known as the Eastern Electricity Highway Project, involves the construction of a 1,068km-long power transmission line from Ethiopia to Kenya, incorporating two AC/DC converter stations at both ends.

Westermeerwind Wind Farm

Westermeerwind is a 144MW wind farm in the shallow waters of IJsselmeer, the biggest lake in the Netherlands.

White Rock Wind Farm, New South Wales

The White Rock Wind Farm is proposed to be constructed in two stages within the New England Tablelands region of New South Wales (NSW), Australia.