Steeltrade is a leading supplier of steel piping component packages for EPC contractors and end-users in the power industry.

The company has a range of pipes in Cr-Mo steel grades, including A335 P1, P11, P22, P5, P9, P91 and P92, and their equivalent for fittings, flanges, forgings and valves, all to ASME and EN / DIN standards.

Steel piping solutions

Based on mill allocations and Steeltrade’s stock, the company supplies complete energy industry piping packages quickly and reliably.

Steeltrade supplies steel piping components for leading contractors in the power industry.
Steeltrade has a range of valves, including ball valves and check valves.
The company’s dual-ball valve.
Steeltrade’s solutions can be customised according to customer specifications.
Steeltrade’s product range includes gaskets.
Steeltrade creates competitive solutions for clients with a wide range of valves.
Steeltrade manufactures control and safety and relief valves.
The company has a range of welded and seamless pipes, as well as flanges.

Steeltrade’s core products are:

  • Welded and seamless pipes
  • BW and forged fittings
  • Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Valves
  • Stud bolts

Forged, casted, actuated and motor valves

Steeltrade’s specialised valve division supplies a full range of industrial valves, including forged, casted, actuated and motor-operated models.

The company’s range of valves includes:

Ball valves:

  • Types: trunnion, floating, side-entry, top-entry, fully welded, soft and metal seated, rising stem, DBB, trunnion three way L-T, cryogenic and subsea
  • Materials: carbon, stainless-steel, low temperature, special alloys: monel, hastelloy, incoloy and Duplex SS
  • Sizes: 1/2in – 60in

Check valves:

  • Types: wafer, dual plate, axial non slam, tilting check, nozzle check, stop check
  • Materials: carbon, stainless steel, alu-bronze, cast iron, alloy steel, special alloys
  • Sizes: 2in – 60in

Gate and globe valves:

  • Types: bolted bonnet, pressure seal, bellows sealed, through conduit, cryogenic, Y pattern.
  • Materials: carbon, stainless, duplex and alloy steels, low temperature, special alloys
  • Sizes: 1/2in – 60in

Butterfly valves (manual and pneumatic):

  • Types: wafer, lug, flanged, soft and metal seated, and triple offset
  • Materials: carbon, stainless steel, alu-bronze, cast iron, ductile iron, alloy steel and special alloys
  • Sizes: 2in – 60in

Diaphgram valves:

  • Types: manual, pneumatic, weir type, straight type and single / double aluminum cylinder
  • Materials: cast iron unlined, ebonite lined, diaphragm in neoprene-butyl, hypalon-nitrile, silicon rubber, PTFE and viton
  • Sizes: 1/2in – 14in

Pinch valves:

  • Types: manual pinch valve and pinch with single / double aluminum cylinder fitted with pneumatic operation
  • Materials: cast iron, aluminum; sleeve in natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene-butyl, neoprene silicon rubber, hypalon and vito
  • Sizes: 3/8in – 14in

Steeltrade also has control valves, safety / relief valves, strainers, steam traps and dedicated valve pups.

Stainless-steel pipes and components

Steeltrade can meet all client requests in a short period of time, by building competitive packages from a wide range of valves.

Specific project requirements can be met through a structured supply chain of well-known manufacturers.

The company’s technical department ensures that continuous technical support is available throughout a project lifecycle course. A dedicated project management department also ensures that contractual deadlines are met.

Real-time production support for steel piping

Developed especially for in-house purposes, Steeltrade’s ERP system provides real-time production progress status updates, geographic localisation of shipments and consignment dates to the construction site.

This system allows the company to anticipate post-installation maintenance schedules in order to notify the client beforehand.

Steeltrade was one of the first companies to have a single point of reference for the procurement of components.

Having a complete supply with every single component guaranteed by Steeltrade, with uniform quality standards and guaranteed delivery times, simplifies the process, freeing up design and financial resources.