Straub werke

STRAUB Werke AG provides pipe connection technology and couplings for power applications.

The firm offers high quality products, customer-oriented engineering excellence and highest service and support commitment for demanding connection solutions for piping systems made from all types of materials.

Coupling technology for pipes at power facilities

STRAUB’s well-proven coupling technology can be found in millions of pipe connections worldwide. It combines different pipe materials such as metal, plastic or GRP pipes for optimum solutions for customers.

STRAUB pipe couplings compensate angular deflection in energy facilities.
Easy pre-Installation of STRAUB pipe couplings allow fast connection to pipes.
STRAUB pipe couplings are installed on application such as steel penstock lines.
STRAUB pipe couplings compensate axial movements.
STRAUB pipe couplings are easily assembled, even on rough terrain.
Quick replacement of broken GRP pipes is provided using pre-assembles STRAUB pipe couplings.
Absorbing a gap of more then 30mm between pipe ends, STRAUB-FLEX 3 couplings make it easy-to-nstall spool pieces with wide tolerances.
STRAUB pipe couplings are installed on a waste-to-energy plants.
STRAUB experts train installation companies to efficiently connect big GRP pipes with STRAUB pipe couplings.

Pipe couplings meet customers’ requirements in a variety of specialist applications. Additional services related to the technique of positioning pipes will especially benefit those with more sophisticated and specific challenges.

From consultancy and planning to extensive project support and proper documentation, STRAUB will assist you in completing your projects successfully.

Customised pipe couplings

There are many advantages to using STRAUB pipe couplings. These include the fact that they provide system independence, as they can connect the most varied pipe materials.

Flexible pipe connection is also a benefit, as is the easy assembly of the product, with it being light-weight and due to the fact that there is no pipe end preparation.

Safe installation is also provided to customers, as there is no risk of fire or explosion and no protective measures are required. The pipe couplings are also cost-saving, thanks to their short installation times and modest down-times.

Pipe couplings for the power industry

STRAUB pipe couplings can be used in a number of different fields. These include hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, renewable energy and water supply / waste-water treatment. Industrial application, ship building and offshore pipe couplings are also in industrial applications.

Quick-to-install pipe couplings and connectors

There are two main types of STRAUB pipe couplings, STRAUB-GRIP and STRAUB-FLEX. STRAUP-GRIP is unique in that it is pull-out resistant, whilst the STRAUB-FLEX pipe couplings are axially flexible.

STRAUB pipe couplings also have different properties. The progressive sealing effect is when both the pressure in the pipe and the force on the sealing lips both increase, due to the flow through the pressure equalisation channel.

A progressive anchoring effect can be seen when the axial loading on the pipe increases due to increased internal pressure or external influences. When this happens, the teeth bite even deeper into the pipe to compensate.

Whenever pipes need to be connected reliably, quickly and easily, STRAUB is your partner.