Storm is one of Europe’s largest OEM-independent providers of services for combustion engines from 100kW to 7,000kW.

Preventative maintenance services to reduce downtime in power plants

Our customers’ installations require a preventive maintenance schedule. Disturbances and downtime need to be avoided, which means that we not only apply our quality and safety policies to our products but also to all our work processes and services. This is carried out in strict compliance with legal regulations, customers’ wishes and safety standards.

Our certified quality management system is in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 regulations and also applied to our employees and suppliers.

We ensure that our personnel receive regular training, so they are always knowledgeable about the latest safety, quality and environmental standards.

Our facilities offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services from highly skilled personnel.
Storm has a comprehensive range of stock.
We provide services such as lineboring.

Maintenance of stationary and mobile power systems

We provide the following services:

  • Maintenance of stationary energy systems
  • Maintenance of mobile and marine power systems
  • Maintenance of reciprocating piston compressors
  • Mechanical machining of engine parts and components
  • Spare parts sales
  • Sales of overhauled engines and certified components

Service centre for stationary energy systems

We provide maintenance of all stationary power and energy systems powered by combustion engines.

Additional services include:

  • Individual maintenance contracts, manufacturer independent services for most common types of engines
  • Competent consultancy and support
  • Flexible maintenance contracts required by customers
  • Maintenance of power systems from 100kW to 7,000kW (OEM independent)
  • Minor and major ECOS® engine overhauls
  • ECOS® exchange engines and short blocks
  • ECOS® cylinder head overhaul
  • ECOS® exchange of cylinder heads
  • Original parts and ECOS® exchange parts
  • Rental power units

Service schedules and training for biogas plants

For biogas power facilities, we provide services comprising:

  • Customised service schedules and intervals matched to your engine’s condition
  • Specially trained service staff for biogas plants
  • Fast and reliable supply of spare parts
  • Permanent availability and short response time
  • Independent consultancy and support

Upgrade and optimisation of engine control and module systems

We provide electrical engineering and upgrading, modernisation and optimisation of engine control and module control systems for:

  • Stationary power systems
  • Mobile and maritime power systems
  • Reciprocating piston compressor systems

Our module control system for gas and diesel units is an economical alternative to an OEM control system.

In addition, our services comprise:

  • Minor and major engine overhauls on site and in our plant
  • Overhaul of components and exchange programme
  • Exchange engines and short blocks
  • Improvement of ignition systems and emission controls
  • Overhaul of all common turbocharger brands
  • Modification for the improvement of engines and plants
  • Supply of spare parts and exchange parts at short notice
  • 24/7 service hotline

Production and repair services for power plant machinery

Our production and repair services include:

  • Overhaul and production of engines and components
  • Complete capacities for mechanical machining of components
  • Grinding of crankshafts up to a length of 8,000mm
  • Drilling and laser measurement of bearing bores up to a length of 11,000mm in situ and in our plant
  • Reconditioning of engine blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, cylinder liner seats with L and Z rings, valves, valve seats and pistons
  • Mobile precision tools

Comprehensive spare parts stock and services for power applications

We offer:

  • Services for a fast and reliable supply of spare parts and spare part kits
  • Complete sets of spare parts for minor and major engine overhauls and individual maintenance kits according to customer requirements
  • Comprehensive range of exchange parts
  • Complete gasket sets for engines and components, immediate delivery for all current engines
  • Fast and flexible overnight shipping

Reconditioned spare parts and engines

We provide:

  • Service and consultancy for the sourcing of all engine parts and components
  • Reconditioned engines for: inland shipping and ocean shipping, stationary energy systems, etc
  • Reconditioned and certified engines and components
  • Oil coolers, water pumps, injection pumps, pistons, cylinder heads, turbochargers, etc