Beirens, a specialist manufacturer of industrial chimneys, has developed expertise in the fields of exhaust ducts, vibratory and acoustic treatment, fans and standardised equipment.

Beirens guarantees top-quality workmanship in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of all its products. Project management is simplified because only a single partner is involved. The company’s experience and knowledge is on hand to meet any special requirements that customers may have.

Beirens possesses unparalleled knowledge in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a number of products, including:

  • Free-standing and self-supporting industrial chimneys designed for district heating, industrial concerns and power generation
  • Silencers for acoustic treatment
  • Dynamic absorbers for vibration loading treatment
  • Standard and made-to-measure accessories for all new build or refurbishment applications
  • Centrifugal fans

Rural and urban free-standing chimneys

Beirens designs all types of free-standing stacks to suit its clients’ operating appliance and site environment requirements, for both rural and urban purposes. These chimneys are suitable for all types of fuel, including gas, heating oil, heavy fuel oil, biogas and biomass, as well as many different types of waste.

Beirens multi-flue chimneys are designed for all types of boilers, electricity generators, turbines and furnaces irrespective of the type of fuel.
Beirens welded exhausts ensure the perfect safety, improved performance and good structural resistance of your installation.
Vibratory and acoustic treatment. Our acousticians can carry out spectral analysis of your site and propose innovative solutions adapted to all circumstances.
Beirens designs standard and made to measure accessories that ensure access, control, protection and supporting of all new or existing structures.
Beirens works actively for the development of renewable energies in the industrial domain and offers special products for biomass.

Beirens’ chimneys conform to the EN 13084 standard in application of the 93-68 EEC directive on construction products, as well as other standards if required. Ceric, the company’s group research laboratory, has carried out tests with a view to CE marking.

Beirens considers every chimney to be a work of art. The company pays particular attention to the quality of each one of its products, while ensuring compliance with the following rules:

  • Full understanding of and compliance with legislation in force
  • Appropriate types of stability
  • Choice of materials
  • Stack inlet at 135°
  • 316L stainless-steel chimney terminals
  • Guaranteed watertight insulation
  • High-performance insulation
  • Fine finishes
  • Reinforced chimney bases
  • Evacuation of condensation

Exhaust ducts and horizontal flues for generators

Beirens designs, manufactures and installs exhaust ducts or horizontal flues for a wide range of generators, including boilers, motors, turbines, furnaces and ventilators. To achieve this, the company makes use of two technologies: welded and modular (single and double inner walls).

All horizontal flues are designed to optimise pressure loss and smoke duct, while elbows are optimised with 45° angles preferred. Beirens’ horizontal flues are guaranteed to ensure safety of installation, as well as sound structural resistance. Thanks to continuous welding, Beirens horizontal exhausts are 100% watertight, as well as being manufactured in full compliance with legislation in force.

Vibratory and acoustic treatment

Beirens designs, manufactures and installs absorbent and reactive made-to-measure silencers, in line with customers’ requirements and operating conditions. The company’s acousticians can carry out spectral analysis of your site and propose innovative solutions adapted to all circumstances.

To provide answers to structural problems resulting from vibration, fatigue and wear, Beirens has come up with a dynamic vibration absorber, with installation carried out by specialists trained to work in all types of environment. The company carries out repair of different types of existing silencers, with or without on-site maintenance.

Standardised and made-to-measure accessories

Beirens manufactures a wide range of standardised and made-to-measure equipment for existing applications and new buildings. Use of such accessories is determined by technical constraints, legal and operational requirements, including:

  • Standard inspection platform
  • Ladder and landing
  • Explosion relief valve
  • Anti-vacuum
  • Drain and condensation points
  • Stainless-steel expansion joints
  • Flexible sleeving
  • Lightning protection
  • Various types of finish

Renewable energy and biomass

Energy sources are a top priority at Beirens, and the company works in partnership with the Ceric Laboratory to develop renewable energies in the field of industry, along with made-to-measure installations for biogas applications, boiler rooms and production of biomass energy from wood, organic and agricultural waste.