During the 8th Workshop on Co-Firing Biomass with Coal, Doosan Lentjes will present its utility-sized circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boilers, which are co-fired with biomass. The event is to be held from 11-13 September in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Co-incineration of biomass substantially supports global efforts to push the decarbonisation of energy generation: As practically CO2-neutral fuel type, biomass has the potential to reduce the ecological footprint drastically, compared to electricity generation from coal.

Doosan Lentjes CFB product manager Frank Leuschke said: “Biomass co-combustion applications are assumed to increase in the future.”

As a response, the proven CFB boiler technology delivers the fuel flexibility required to safeguard an efficient and environmentally sound co-incineration. However, when co-firing biomass, the CFB boiler design needs to be adapted to the certain fuel characteristics respectively.

“Against this background, we will, at the conference, deliver answers on the implications of these properties on the boiler designs applied. Using the example of suitable case studies for newly built and retrofitted CFB’s, we will highlight operational experiences.

“Finally, the advantages of co-firing biomass in state-of-the-art CFB plants, compared with stand-alone biomass applications, will be highlighted.”

The event in Copenhagen will be a valuable platform to highlight promising biomass co-firing concepts, allowing countries around the globe to introduce more sustainable power generation concepts.