During the PowerGen and DistribuTECH Africa, Doosan Lentjes will speak about the significance of the circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler technology for a modern energy generation on this continent. The event will take place from 17-19 July in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Power generation based on local coal resources and the increasing share of renewables will play a decisive role when it comes to the future African energy mix. Simultaneously, however, factors such as environmental performance, fuel flexibility and efficiency move into the focus of interest.

The circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler technology is in a position to meet these requirements: an emissions control integrated in the CFB furnace allows the formation of thermal nitrogen oxides (NOx) to be reduced while minimising sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions. What’s more, the flexibility of the technology enables a large number of fuel types to be efficiently burnt, including locally available low-grade coals. Last but not least this flexibility even allows (co-) firing of renewable fuels, such as, locally sourced biomass, refused derived fuels or various industry by-products.

“When considering the increasing requirements, the excellent environmental performance and fuel flexibility prove that the CFB boiler technology has huge potential for future applications in Africa, comments Frank Leuschke, Product Manager CFB at Doosan Lentjes. “This is also the case against the background of increasing efforts to introduce renewable fuels into the energy mix in the future”, Frank concludes.

Damian Goral, Product Director CFB at Doosan Lentjes who will give the speech at the PowerGen and DistribuTECH Africa adds: “To exemplarily outline the application potential at the event we will present a case study of a 600MWpower plant designed for processing low-quality coals while emphasising on biomass co-firing aspects”.

The PowerGen and DistribuTECH Africa is Africa’s leading electricity event uniting industry professionals from across Africa and beyond.

Doosan Lentjes is a specialist in designing, supplying and commissioning flexible circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler solutions, helping customers around the globe to generate efficiently and environmentally-sound power from a wide range of fuel types including those with difficult combustion properties.