International Chimney Corporation (ICC) is the largest independently owned company of its kind serving all areas of the US and many overseas locations. For over 80 years, ICC has specialized in design, construction and repair of tall masonry and steel structures, including radial brick chimneys (unlined or lined with firebrick, acid resistant brick, steel, FRP or gunited technical cements); steel stacks (unlined, lined with technical gunite, brick, pre-cast refractory or lined with dual-wall Insulair™ insulated steel interior lining); reinforced concrete chimneys (with various linings and design); and FRP stacks (guyed and self-supporting).

We offer clients a broad range of services, including engineering and design, consulting and project management, inspection and structural analysis, repairs and modifications, demolition services, new construction, maintenance programs, linings and coatings, aviation lighting, lightning protection systems, and platforms, ladders and caps.

Design / new build services for chimneys and stacks

ICC’s experts will address every detail and provide cost-effective, efficient solutions designed specifically to meet your needs. Our in-house engineering department can design a radial brick chimney, steel stack, concrete chimney, FRP structure or new liner depending on our clients’ particular requirements. We can help you define what the best solution is for your specific situation. We can provide complete turnkey services or design, consulting and construction services individually as needed. Our project management teams, engineers and expert field crews are at your service.

Inspection services for chimneys and stacks

Performing a routine periodic inspection is the key to identifying deficiencies and performing repairs in a timely manner. ICC provides complete inspection services of all types. Interior and exterior field inspections are conducted by our own experts using access systems and rigging supplied and installed by ICC personnel.

International Chimney Corporation (ICC) specializes in the design, construction and repair of tall masonry and steel structures.
ICC provides design / new build services for chimneys and stacks.
We also offer inspection services for chimneys and stacks.
ICC provides repair / retrofit services for chimneys and stacks.
ICC handles projects in the US and abroad.

In instances where the unit is on-line or the interior is severely damaged, we use our hot camera system (a remote robotic camera) to record the inside of the structure, ensuring our personnel’s safety. The inspector will report the general condition of the structure and any areas of concern. A comprehensive report will be submitted containing photographs, detailed assessment of the structure, repair and maintenance recommendations and cost estimates.

Repair / retrofit services for chimneys and stacks

We have developed a specific program for classifying and categorizing maintenance and repair. The program is individually applied to specific structures and tailored to each client by using a set of criteria developed by ICC’s team in cooperation with the client. Experienced crews, using highly specialized equipment owned by ICC, repair chimneys and linings of all materials: brick, steel, concrete and FRP.

Repair methods include: re-pointing, re-bricking, exterior concrete replacement, tear-down and rebuilding, reinforcement banding, and interior lining, including technical gunite application, protective brick linings and application of other technical castings. We have the experience, the people and the equipment to provide a safe, quality, cost-effective maintenance and repair service.

ICC’s history

International Chimney Corporation was formed in Buffalo, New York, in 1927 with the primary purpose of becoming a full service company relative to all aspects of the chimney and tower business. The original customer base was developed around the steel and power industries throughout the Great Lakes area.

The company based its model on in-house professional engineering, professional project management and the development of height-specific full-time field personnel. Additional satellite offices encompassed the Great Lakes, as well as the east coast. In 1962 the original owner retired and a new ICC was formed with active engineers and executives as owners. Today we have an office presence in numerous cities with projects throughout the US, as well as a small percentage abroad.