MYTILINEOS has received new awards for its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development initiatives.

The initiatives have been awarded distinctions for their high value and substantial return to society.

In particular, at the BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2018, MYTILINEOS was granted two new awards for yet another year.

The BRAVO initiative, organised over the last nine years by QualityNet Foundation, conducts an annual social dialogue on Sustainable Development, based on the initiatives taken by Business, Local Government and the Civil Society.

All organisations taking part in BRAVO are the “Sustainable Development Ambassadors”. They advocate the philosophy of a sustainable future, contributing through their initiatives to create the Greece of Tomorrow.

MYTILINEOS submitted its selected CSR initiatives that were implemented within 2018. The evaluation groups, the Stakeholders Engagement Group, the Experts’ Focus Groups and the Active Citizens’ Group were honoured and awarded the following:

  • In the BRAVO SOCIETYpillar, in relation to the development of Health & Safety programmes, MYTILINEOS earned an award for the “Mobile Emergency Response Unit in Metallurgy Sector”. The Metallurgy Business Unit of MYTILINEOS – Aluminium of Greece has developed an integrated system for addressing emergencies (e.g. accidents, fires, entrapment, interventions in confined spaces, etc.) at the companies’ facilities in Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia. For that purpose, a Protection Service has been established for many years now, consisting of 18 exclusively designated employees. Staff are perfectly trained in matters of fire safety and security of facilities, while that team is actively supported by approximately 100 volunteer fire-fighters from the other plant services, who are properly trained and regularly re-trained.
  • In the BRAVO GOVERNANCEpillar, in relation to practices promoting transparency and accountability, ΜYTILINEOS received an award for the informational microsite “Integrated Value Creation SCORECARD 2017”

This microsite was developed to meet the need for more comprehensive information, combining financial and non-financial matters, to enable a thorough outlook on how the company creates value for its shareholders, its other groups of Social Partners and society in general, in its effort to fulfil its mission and vision.

Both those actions stood out for their high level of expertise and return to society among the 100 candidacies from the business community that were granted the highest scores through the Dialogue process of the initiative, with the participation of 9,250 Active Citizens and 130 Social Partners participating in the Evaluation Committees.

The awards ceremony was held at the Athens Concert Hall, Greece, on 11 December 2018.