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BHS Rotor Turning Gears Lead the Field

Top marks for performance

BHS Getriebe GmbH, already a leader in turbo gearboxes, has in recent years gained an excellent reputation for its rotor turning gears (barring gears).

More than 1,000 of these units are now operating worldwide, often under challenging conditions such as in large power plants. Both OEMs and plant operators value their high quality, low maintenance requirements and long life.

Rotor turning gear units are used to prevent turbine rotors from warping as they cool down, to break away drive trains during plant start-up, and to align shafts for maintenance and inspection.

Units are available for breakout torques of 300Nm – 100,000Nm and speeds of 0.21/min – 4001/min.

BHS offers two designs of rotor turning gear. The simplest arrangement is to attach the rotor turning gear to a free shaft end. If this is not possible, however, the rotor turning gear can be integrated into the drive train by mounting it on a coupling guard or turbine pedestal, and engaging with a flanged gear.

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