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Ignition Systems and Industrial Engine Components

TechGate Tower,
Donau-City-Strasse 1,
1220 Vienna,

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HOERBIGER provides high-performance solutions for ignition systems and accessories, engine controls, and digital instrument components for industrial engines, while complying with all applicable environmental regulations.

Digital ignition systems for natural gas and dual-fuel engines

VariSpark is a digital ignition system for gas-powered engines developed by HOERBIGER.

The system is available in XL size for large-bore, slow-speed gas engines, as well as XM / CPU95-VS and XS / CD200-VS, which are suited for smaller engines.

It can produce a maximum spark of 50,000V, and adjusts the voltage level to meet the respective gas mixture and application of the engine.

VariSpark assures reliable combustion by eliminating misfires. Additional benefits include high-efficiency, and reduced nitrogen oxide emissions of the gas engine.

Control systems for internal combustion engines (ICE)

The HOERBIGER DriveCOM system is a modular, scalable, and integrated control solution for ICEs used in stationary, off-road, and marine applications.

The device monitors all critical engine parameters to maintain efficient and reliable operation.

Electronic modules in the system can be combined to create customised units suited to a variety of applications. This open system software allows easy integration into the customer’s control architecture.

Industrial explosion protection and safety technology

The HOERBIGER Explosion relief valve provides efficient protection from the consequences of gas explosions in dual-fuel and gas engines.

They protect intake and exhaust pipes of large engines, commonly used in power generation, and the shipping industry.

The opening pressures, design and material selection of the explosion relief valves can be matched individually to the particular application.

Components for explosion protection are virtually maintenance-free, ensure flameless explosion pressure venting, and minimise the danger of fires and secondary explosions by immediately sealing again.

Optimised services for engines and compressors

HOEBIGER understands that continuously improvement of your machinery ensures staying competitive, and meeting growing production demands. To support customers’ needs, advice and services are available worldwide.

Experts assist customers in choosing the appropriate solution required to improve the reliability, efficiency, and environmental soundness of their equipment.

In addition to providing high-quality components, systems, and services for compressors, and engines, support is also provided for customers making business decisions, providing information and advice based on clear return on investment calculations.


The company is active throughout the world as a leading player technology for of compression, drive, and automation. In 2013, its 6,400 employees achieved sales of €1.05bn.

The HOERBIGER brand is a leading supplier of components in compressors, industrial engines, and turbines, as well as automobile transmissions, and multifaceted mechanical engineering applications.

Explosion Relief Valves

For many decades, HOERBIGER explosion relief valves have offered highly effective protection for both personnel and equipment.

Numerical Modelling of Explosion Protection

With their highly volatile and flammable fuels, gas engines require extensive measures to prevent and counter the effects of unintended explosions outside the combustion chamber.

HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik Holding GmbH

TechGate Tower

Donau-City-Strasse 1

1220 Vienna