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Mee Industries Announces Pump Maintenance Interval Breakthrough

Mee Industries has announced that its seal-flushed pumps provide extended seal life for fog pumps. These flushed pumps are designed for intense, continuous-duty gas turbine DI water-fogging application and offer a near maintenance-free operation, energy-efficiency and long life.

Fogging with demineralized water can result in dramatically shortened pump seal life. Mee Industries now offers seal-flushed pumps that extend pump seal life and reduce pump maintenance. These pumps are recommended for fog systems that use demineralized water and operate for more than 300 hours per year.

Flushed pumps feature a specially ported inlet manifold enabling a tap-water internal flush. The tap-water flush cools and the seals and provides better lubrication than low lubricity liquids such as demineralized water. Flushed pumps are designed for intense, continuous-duty fogging applications such as gas turbine inlet air cooling, building humidification or evaporative cooling systems.

The pumps require a source of non-demineralized water and a drain point near a pump skid.

Seal-flush pump benefits

The seal-flush pumps have the following benefits:

The special seal-flush option extends the seal life to approximately 6,000 operating hours. This greatly reduces maintenance and catastrophic pump failure that can occur if pumps are operated with leaking seals, which can result in water contamination of crankcase oil.

Seal flush option vs. standard seal flush

A comparison of requirements / benefits between the seal-flush option and the standard seal flush:

  • 500 hours of operation before seal replacement (standard)
  • Possibility of catastrophic pump failure due to water leaking into oil through damaged seal (standard)
  • Extension of seal life and pump availability due to longer maintenance interval (seal flush)
  • 6,000 operating hours before seal replacement (seal flush)
  • Source of non-demineralized water and drain for flushing ports (up to four ports in-line) (seal flush)

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