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ValuCast Group was formed in 2011 by consolidating Finland-based Uudenkaupungin Rautavalimo (URV™) and Sweden-based HeavyCast™ Karlstad. The Group’s aim is to create a unique set-up supplying grey and ductile iron castings from its foundry base and through URV Supply System for global markets.

Iron and steel castings

URV is a well-established supplier of iron castings to the international machine building industry. These high-quality castings are supplied quickly and flexibly either in short series or piece by piece. URV has its own foundry where it makes ductile and grey iron castings.

The URV Supply System concept provides the advantages of a global manufacturing base as it is comprised of committed subcontractors that can supply different types of iron and steel castings in machined and surface treated, ready to assemble condition.

Foundry services for hand-moulded products

HeavyCast is one of the leading foundries for big hand-moulded components in Europe. The high-quality iron grades produced are grey and nodular iron. HeavyCast’s main products are components for the energy, paper and marine industries. Maximum weight per piece is 80t (150t on special request), and batch sizes vary from one up to several hundreds.

On one line HeavyCast manufactures mainly blocks for diesel engines; on the other, products for wind turbine manufacturing are produced.

Cast components for wind turbines

Today wind power plays a significant role in the energy generation industry and its commercial use is growing rapidly. Wind power is a natural gift; it works in harmony with its environment. The simplicity of wind as a potential power source strongly appeals to the need for further advancing non-polluting energy sources.

URV and HeavyCast provide cast components for leading wind turbine manufacturers. We take care of the cast components on a just-on-time delivery basis. Reliability of the wind turbine operation starts with our proven components.

Castings for diesel engines

Diesel engines have an unrivalled position as high-torque power sources for various uses. They must work in demanding conditions and provide reliable power generation. Over the years URV and HeavyCast have cast numerous castings for diesel engines used in a range of industries, such as marine, power plant and many other demanding applications.

Castings for elevators

Elevators move millions of passengers every day. They need to be manufactured with high-quality components to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety. In the global economy a huge amount of material and products has to be transported. This means that different types of lifting solutions are required according to the location, such as factories, harbours, warehouses, etc.

URV has long experience of serving elevator manufacturers. We are used to helping our customers find suitable global manufacturing for the lifting solution they need.

Our offering

Our offering commences with engineering co-operation with the customer to ensure the most feasible cast component designs. Thereafter, we offer component supply solutions through our own foundries or URV Supply System using our partner foundry network around the world.

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