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HBM Offers Torque Flange with ATEX Approval

A torque transducer integrated between drive and machine, directly in the drive train, is suitable for precisely determining the performance of a machine. Such transducers are offered by the metrology technology specialist HBM, for example with the type T10FH torque flanges, which are available as standard with nominal (rated) torques of up to 300kNm.

In order to be able to use the transducer in potentially explosive atmospheres, the electronics have been appropriately modified and adapted. The special version of the T10FH transducer is available with ATEX approval ll 2G EEx d e q IIC T4 for nominal (rated) measuring ranges up to 150kNm. The design for Category II2G therefore permits application in Zone 1. Data transmission between rotor and stator is digital, so that secure, error-free measured value acquisition and transmission is possible even under difficult ambient conditions, for example electromagnetic interference or fluctuating temperatures.

A typical application for the T10FH-ATEX torque transducer is in the controlling of gas engines for gas compressor systems. These are used, for instance, in compressor stations of gas pipelines or subterranean gas caverns. As the pressure in the pipeline frequently fluctuates, a rapid and accurate regulation that reacts to changing operating parameters is essential. The drive can thus be effectively protected against damage and the fuel consumption is also reduced at the same time. Status data of the system can also be acquired due to the high accuracy of the torque measurement and can be used to ensure optimised maintenance intervals together with ‘Condition Based Monitoring’.

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