Isoil Industria Electromagnetic Flow-Meters, Converters and Sensors

Isoil Industria has over 50 years’ experience of providing measurement solutions and is recognised worldwide for its leading product innovation and manufacture of electromagnetic flow-meters under the ISOMAG and FLOWIZ brands.

The ISOMAG flow-meters are the ideal solution for the flow measurement of any kind of liquid with a minimum conductivity of 5mS/cm, delivering high accuracy and measurement repeatability.

Electromagnetic flow-meters

The ISOMAG series is a range of full-bore electromagnetic flow-meters, which are available from DN 3mm to DN 2,000mm, in compact or separate installations (up to 500m), and with sensor liners in polypropylene, PTFE and ebonite materials. The special heat-resistant PTFE liner, which can endure temperatures up to 180°C, is particularly suitable for power and thermal energy applications.

ISOMAG full-bore meters are available with a wide range of electrode materials according to the compatibility requirements of the fluid. They are offered with a variety of process connections and can be adapted to suit a wide range of different applications and processes.

Converters for electromagnetic flow-meters

ISOMAG converters for electromagnetic flow-meters are equipped with LCD graphical displays, allowing the visualization in real time of all measurement data, which can be transmitted through digital, analogical or serial outputs. Optional features include internal data loggers, PID regulation, and thermal energy measurement and totalization.

Wireless, battery-powered flow-meters

FLOWIZ is the new battery-powered electromagnetic flow-meter. Equipped with a GPRS wireless communication system and a unique ten-year battery life, it allows interactive or autonomous data sharing to and from remote areas in a safe, fast and above all a cost-effective way.

Insertion sensors for water and power applications

ISOMAG’s insertion probes are available in different sizes to cover all the diameters up to 8,000mm. The insertion probes are available for fixed and temporary installations, and also under pressure with hot tap systems.

The probes can be coupled with all the ISOMAG electronics and equipped with a pressure transducer for both flow and pressure acquisition.

BTU converters for heat energy calculation

The ISOMAG ML211 is the only converter in the marketplace able to receive flow and temperature data in one single enclosure unit. The ML211 is able to perform the thermal energy calculation thanks to the internal module and algorithm following the EN1434 standard. It is available with MODbus, Hart or others protocols on request.

Numerous installations around the world bear witness to the successful use of the ML211 coupled with a wide range of ISOMAG sensors.

Certified electromagnetic flow-meter

ISOMAG instruments are certified according to:

  • MID MI001 in conformity to the recommendation of OIML R49-1 edition 2006 for cold water applications
  • MID MI004, and therefore conform with the superseded EN1434 standard as a part of a heat/cold meter

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Isoil Industria SpA

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