MHG Systems’ new offering provides data collecting, resource planning, reporting, orders, and resource optimisation – all under one service.

During early summer MHG Systems will open a new service called MHG Public. It offers companies a portal, through which landowners are able to offer industrial or energy wood for sale or input work requests. The service also works as a reporting tool, for example for maintenance companies. Users can easily report about targets requiring maintenance.

The MHG Public service can be added, for example, as a part of the company’s website where users can easily find it. MHG Systems also designs – as an additional service – the entire website for your company during the implementation of MHG Public, and guarantees maximum visibility via search engine optimisation.

Use of MHG Public is easy. The user adds a few simple pieces of information, for example location and type of biomass or work request, and the order transforms directly to the company’s MHG ERP system where the responsible person decides about the further processing of the request.

The MHG Public service enhances customer service by updating the information about the work request and its status in real-time.

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