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MHG Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of bioenergy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The company utilises its partner network to produce customer-oriented IT and map service solutions designed for developing bioenergy and forest energy, and field work business operations.

MHG Systems offers comprehensive service packages which include ERP systems composed of customised modules based on your company’s business, and also consultation and training services on bioenergy and forest energy business operations, and field work management.

Platform and operating system-independent ERP service

MHG ERP, developed by MHG Systems, is a platform and operating system-independent enterprise resource planning service, which can be used anywhere in the world. The service uses Google-Premium Maps, and it is possible to add more raster maps to the service.

By adding modules, MHG ERP can be built for independent services, such as MHG Power designed for energy businesses, MHG Forest to help forest work management, MHG Field for field work management, and MHG Bioenergy ERP to manage the whole bioenergy procurement chain effectively.

Bioenergy ERP system

When working on biomass, it’s essential for energy companies, biofuel, biocoal and pellet suppliers and producers to know its quality, quantity, energy content and origin.

The innovative MHG Bioenergy ERP service allows energy producers to manage resources from field to delivery end-point with optimal transparency and efficiency, to avoid fundamental operational and process problems, and to lower their overall costs while significantly increasing in their profits.

Essential features of MHG Bioenergy ERP are:

  • Work management
  • Versatile worldwide maps
  • Resource management
  • Customer management
  • Mobile features
  • Acknowledgements from the field
  • Multilingual (French, Russian, Chinese, etc.)
  • Resource, machine and customer management
  • Workforce tracking
  • Gpx-interface and data transfer to modern GPS and map systems
  • Estate search service and map copies directly from the system
  • Invoicing

ERP service for field work management

Full-scale usage of resources needs good planning and real-time controlling. MHG Field Manager enables new ways to operate. Field workers get their assignments directly from the service.

MHG Field Manager is an ERP service designed for field work management. Service is industry-independent and usable in every work-site.

Making instructions and work orders is easy and fast with MHG ERP service for the manager at the office, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Instructions can also be made as SMS and mobile messages.

Work instructions can be received directly to a laptop or PDA device, in addition to a mobile phone, navigator, or GPS device.

Bioenergy ERP with moisture management

Our ERP services include a unique moisture management feature. The system tells the storage’s current moisture value, and predicts the future moisture value for six months apart. It is crucial to handle hauling, chipping, and transporting at the right time to be able to compete in the constantly tightening bioenergy market.

With the predicting algorithm entrepreneurs working in the bioenergy business can significantly enhance their operations. Hundreds of thousands of euros can be saved with the correct timing of chipping and transporting the bioenergy storages.

The moisture value of the storages varies, for example, by the storage’s age, quality, and time of the year. Chipping, transporting and usage can be optimised in the most efficient way by predicting the time when a bioenergy storage is the driest. The most effective energy production is achieved at the same time. Carbon dioxide emissions are also minimised.

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Press Release

ABREC to Transfer MHG Systems’ Technology to Africa – Demand in Hundreds of Renewable Energy Projects

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed on 8 August in Lomé, Togo, between African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company (ABREC) and MHG Systems (MHG). The parties agreed to co-operate with each other in the promotion of green technology for the development of renewable energy projects

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Press Release

13 September 2011

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed on 8 August in Lomé, Togo, between African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company (ABREC) and MHG Systems (MHG). The parties agreed to co-operate with each other in the promotion of green technology for the development of renewable energy projects

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25 July 2011

MHG Systems, a bioenergy focused ERP software provider from Mikkeli, Finland, has introduced a feature to the popular MHG Bioenergy ERP service, which will estimate the moisture content of biomass storages. The estimate is based on an algorithm which is built into the system. With the new feature

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11 May 2011

MHG Systems' new offering provides data collecting, resource planning, reporting, orders, and resource optimisation - all under one service. During early summer MHG Systems will open a new service called MHG Public. It offers companies a portal, through which landowners are able to offe

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14 February 2011

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, launched the Green ICT competition in October 2010. The competition looked for solutions that improve business opportunities and create new environmentally friendly business. MHG's idea for the development of a global sus

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10 February 2011

MHG's global bioenergy specific solution is among the top 25 finalists in this year's Nordic Cleantech Open Competition. Nordic Cleantech Open recently announced the top 25 finalists of this year's competition. The top 25 have a few traits in common: They are all targe

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8 February 2011

Renewable Fuel Technologies (RFT) and MHG Systems (MHG) have announced a distribution and support agreement for MHG Systems’ BioEnergy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, marking a key step forward in developing the distributed supply chains necessary to support utility scale BioCoal pro

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9 December 2010

In pursuit of their goal of ensuring environmental sustainability in Africa, MHG Systems and its associate company Feedstock Optimum have launched a novel African BioTechPark based on the Kouvola BioTechPark concept by signing a letter of intent with ABREC, African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Co

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9 December 2010

MHG Systems has started the first phase of a MHG Bioenergy ERP implementation in cooperation with FactorVerde, the largest biomass supplier of Spain. With MHG Bioenergy ERP, FactorVerde will be able to control and monitor the whole biomass delivery chain from the small road side storages, through

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MHG Systems Oy

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+358 10 400 6280 +358 10 400 6289

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