MHG Systems has started the first phase of a MHG Bioenergy ERP implementation in cooperation with FactorVerde, the largest biomass supplier of Spain. With MHG Bioenergy ERP, FactorVerde will be able to control and monitor the whole biomass delivery chain from the small road side storages, through transportation and terminals, all the way to the power plant silos.

Roberto De Antonio Garcia, CEO of FactorVerde, says: “FactorVerde recognised the need for resource planning and management system several years ago. However, there have not yet been enough powerful systems available for the bioenergy sector – until MHG’s solution. The main reasons for choosing MHG Bioenergy ERP included the strong bioenergy focus of the system and possibilities to control and manage the scattered workforce in an easy and reliable manner.” He adds: “In addition, MHG’s service also helps us to optimise every part and player of the delivery chain while also providing significant cost savings in everyday business operations.”

The timing of the new cooperation turned out to be perfect as a new way of thinking has emerged in Spain. Bioenergy is growingly seen in a positive way – it helps prevent forest fires, helps to rise local employment rates and has an overall positive ecological effect.

FactorVerde has set itself ambitious goals. Within the next ten years the number of bioenergy power plants supplied by FactorVerde should fivefold up to ten and the amount of produced biomass is naturally expected to grow accordingly. However, with the easy and effective control of the delivery and production chain that comes with MHG’s solution, the goals set are within reach.

“The production and delivery chain of biomass in Spain is very similar to Finland,” says Mikko Piisola, account manager of MHG Systems. “Essentially all one has to do, is move the biomass from forest to the power plant as efficiently as possible. However, compared to Finland the Spanish model has much more players and segments included. This makes the managing of the delivery chain more complex and therefore creates greater need for industry specific management systems like MHG Bioenergy ERP.”

According to FactorVerde’s managers, Carlos Vaca and Juan Manuel Charro Martinez the first impressions of the new system has been extremely positive.

Ruslan Pisarenko, business software developer of MHG Systems says: “IT system implementation is always a multi-step and challenging process. But it’s the feeling of fascination, the understanding that together we are indeed doing something that was unthinkable even a few years ago, the opportunities and possibilities that exponentially increase with every step of implementation – that is probably the most amazing part of MHG Bioenergy ERP integration process. In the end, you can see how the ERP system itself, becomes an integral part of the customer’s company; its a nervous system that transfers huge amounts of information and provides a complete real time view of the entire business operations.”