In pursuit of their goal of ensuring environmental sustainability in Africa, MHG Systems and its associate company Feedstock Optimum have launched a novel African BioTechPark based on the Kouvola BioTechPark concept by signing a letter of intent with ABREC, African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company headquartered in Togo.

The parties expressed their interest in exploring opportunities to increase profitability and efficiencies within African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company (ABREC)
funded projects via appropriate technologies, fuel supply management and adequate training. The African BioTechPark concept is a framework that provides great opportunities for a combination of both Western and African technologies, know-how and operational models. The key idea of this concept is to help ABREC and Africa as a whole in fighting climate change in Africa.

Mr Jarmo Ylinen, project manager of Feedstock Optimum (FSO), disclosed that, in the BioTechPark concept FSO provides biogas, bioelectricity, pellet and biocoal production turnkey solutions with MHG Bioenergy ERP’s real-time quality monitoring phase by phase resulting in a superior service package.

Mr Seppo Huurinainen, managing director of MHG Systems (MHG), explains that MHG Bioenergy ERP is a customer-oriented IT and map service solution designed for developing forestry, bioenergy, and for fieldwork operations. MHG’s mobile services working in everyday tools like phones and laptops have maps and working instructions to enable the creation of new feedstock and waste-based energy and biofuel businesses. With its new, intelligent predicting tool, the system can predict moisture value,
energy content and value of biomaterial storages.

“Our goal is to develop inexpensive and easy-to-use everyman’s ERP and IT solutions for Africa from where
our international team has a profound experience,” Mr Huurinainen explains.

“Our main objective is to promote the identification, development, financing and implementation of self-sustaining biofuels and renewable energy projects in Africa,” says Mr Thierno Bocar Tall, the general manager of ABREC. “The African BioTechPark concept and co-operation suits perfectly with our goals,” continues Mr Tall
who currently also acts as the vice-president Africa for the Group of Expert on Energy Efficiency (GEE21) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).