A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed on 8 August in Lomé, Togo, between African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company (ABREC) and MHG Systems (MHG). The parties agreed to co-operate with each other in the promotion of green technology for the development of renewable energy projects in African countries. This noble objective will be realized through cooperation in technology transfer and renewable energy project development.

ABREC’s quest is to promote a sustainable future in Africa through investing in emission reduction projects in African countries.

The main objective of ABREC is to facilitate the flow of more investments into bio-fuel and renewable energy projects in Africa, thereby promoting sustainable development through reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

As an operational partner and executor in Western African projects, MHG’s Ghanaian partner Atlas Business and Energy Systems (ABES) on 9 August also signed a partner agreement with MHG in Accra to collaborate and provide a noble solution in achieving the objectives of ABREF in Western Africa.

Mr Thierno Tall, chairman and CEO of ABREC, states that there is a screaming demand for the technology like MHG Systems in providing hundreds of renewable energy projects all over the Africa. The technology transferred to Africa must fulfil specific requirements, in particular, and be as simple and cost-effective as possible. The first business cases where MHG ERP solutions will be applied are ABREC’s own funded pellet project in the Ivory Coast and a biogas project in Burkina Faso.

Dr Adebayo Agbejule, project manager of export and import innovation (EXIMIN) of the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) in Finland, explains that VAMK and MHG Systems are cooperating in educating African students in the area of supply chain of bioenergy. The goal of the cooperation is to provide the needed skills in adapting MHG systems to the African environment.

The Feedstock Optimum Use Concept™ to be published in mid September means one-stop-shop solutions for various bioenergy production. New solution providers with reference customers in developing countries are welcome to join with their proven competitive edge solutions.