Olympus Corporation Test and Measurement Equipment for Power Generation Applications

Olympus Corporation is an international company specializing in optics, electronics and precision engineering. Olympus operates in the industrial, medical and consumer markets, providing a leading portfolio of innovative test, measurement and imaging instruments. Olympus testing technologies include remote visual inspection, microscopy, ultrasound, phased array, eddy current, eddy current array, X-ray fluorescence and diffraction, high-speed video, and optical metrology.

Ultrasonic flaw detectors

Our products include ultrasonic flaw detectors and transducers that are PDI-qualified for ferritic and austenitic welded piping, weld overlay, and dissimilar metal welding. The EPOCH flaw detector family is constantly evolving to service the industry with innovative, high-performance equipment.

Automated ultrasonic equipment for power generation applications

We offer conventional and phased array ultrasonic equipment capable of tackling NDT challenges such as dissimilar metal welds and weld overlay. The OmniScan MX2 offers a wide range of phased array configurations and software tools like weld overlay display.

The Tomoscan FOCUS LT is a fast, powerful, reliable, and scalable phased array inspection instrument designed to be the keystone of any advanced NDT solution. The OmniScan MX UT is an excellent tool.

Ultrasonic testing solutions for weld inspection

Olympus NDT has developed a series of solutions for welded pipe inspection. These solutions, which meet the most stringent requirements of the power generation industry, are applicable to carbon and stainless-steel piping.

The COBRA scanner was designed for small-diameter thin-wall pipes in low clearance applications, whereas the CHAIN scanner is capable of handling a wide range of diameters, and can be used in combination with TOFD, phased array, and pulse-echo transducers.

In addition to custom probes designed for specific applications, Olympus offers a large selection of phased array probes, including dual-matrix array probes, which are ideal for more demanding weld inspections.

Eddy current and eddy current array testing equipment

We offer eddy current equipment and probes that meet the most stringent requirements of the power generation industry.

From pencil probe inspections to conventional eddy current flaw detectors we offer reliable products for the most demanding applications.

Industrial videoscopes

Olympus has a full range of industrial videoscopes designed for the inspection of turbines, wind turbines, steam generators, backup generators, condenser tubes, and other difficult-to-access areas. Olympus NDT’s long scope product line has recently been expanded to include entry-level models at 10m and 20m, in addition to the brand new, innovative technology found in the 30m IPLEX YS. Many of the Olympus videoscopes have a fiber-free design, making them more durable in radiation contaminated environments, and built to withstand some of the most demanding inspection environments known.

X-ray fluorescence testing equipment

Material tracking and confirmation is critical to the production and maintenance of power generation facilities. Relying on material reports from suppliers is never a fail-safe procedure; secondary on-site verification is essential. Olympus Innov-X handheld XRD analyzers provide non-destructive chemistry analysis and positive grade identification of metal alloys anywhere, whether at incoming or in on-site facility inspections, in just a matter of seconds.

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Press Release

Olympus Releases White Paper

Olympus has released a white paper entitled 'EPOCH 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector' on Power-technology.

White Papers

EPOCH 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The EPOCH 600 digital ultrasonic flaw detector combines Olympus' industry leading conventional flaw detection capabilities with the efficiency of a highly portable, intuitive instrument.

Olympus Corporation

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United States of America

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Press Release

8 November 2012

Olympus has released a white paper entitled 'EPOCH 600 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector' on Power-technology.

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1 May 2012

Olympus NDT has introduced new computer software for the OmniScan phased array flaw detector called OmniPC. The new programme boasts in-depth data analysis capabilities, as well as reduced outgoings due to the fact it is used on a computer.

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27 April 2012

Olympus NDT is pleased to introduce OmniPC software specifically developed for the Olympus OmniScan phased array flaw detector. OmniPC is a computer-based software program that provides comprehensive data analysis capabilities of inspection data acquired with the OmniScan flaw detector.

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21 November 2011

Olympus, an international company specialising in optics, electronics and precision engineering, has released a free white paper on the Power Technology website.

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4 October 2011

Olympus NDT is pleased to introduce the Industrial Tech Guide App for the iPhoneR and iPadR.

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18 September 2011

Olympus NDT is pleased to introduce the encoded C-scan and weld overlay software features for the advanced EPOCH 1000i ultrasonic flaw detector.

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1 May 2011

Olympus NDT, a pioneer in industrial ultrasound phased array instrumentation, is pleased to introduce the newest version of the OmniScan Series flaw detectors, the OmniScan MX2.

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7 March 2011

Olympus Innov-X is excited to announce its DELTA-50 XRF analyzer, an evolution of the popular DELTA Premium handheld XRF analyzer series.

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9 January 2011

Olympus is pleased to introduce its latest ultrasonic industrial NDT system, the in-line ERW tube inspection system.

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8 December 2010

Olympus Innov-X is pleased to introduce a collimated X-ray beam for analysis of small areas into its popular DELTA handheld XRF analyzers.

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Olympus Corporation

48 Woerd Avenue

Waltham, Massachusetts 02453

United States of America

+1 781 419 3905 www.olympus-ims.com Video Gallery PDF Library Olympus Events Applications

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