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Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments TD-500D Stocking Distributor Program

A new global network of stocking distributors provides instant global delivery of the TD-500D handheld oil-in-water analyzer from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments.

Turn Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments president Gary Bartman said: "Our new program provides instant satisfaction to those in need of oil-in-water analysis equipment. The famous TD-500D is popular worldwide for monitoring oil in produced water, frac flowback water and industrial wastewater, and we must make it accessible and easy to buy for our customers."

The company is proud to welcome aboard its first six stocking distributors:

  • ACE Instrumentation in Singapore
  • Benchmark Instrumentation & Analytical in Canada
  • Deligent Technology in China
  • EP Engineering in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei
  • POGC Sensor Technology in Australia and New Zealand
  • Vietnam Hydrocarbon Instruments in Vietnam

The purpose of the TD-500D stocking distributor program is to provide easier access to purchase the TD-500D for customers and minimize the time from initial inquiry to first use. Stocking distributors are required to keep a minimum inventory on hand to satisfy all of the company’s customers.

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