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Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Announces Their Success at OTC 2008

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Fresno, California announces their success at Offshore Technology Conference 2008 in Houston during May 2008. With thousands of booths present to accommodate all aspects of offshore technology, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments stood out as the only company with a complete focus on oil-in-water monitoring.

With a complete product line of fluorescence technology based continuous on-line monitors and hand held analyzers, Turner announced its new TD-107 IMO 107(49) certified monitor for ships bilge water discharge. The TD-107 is the first fluorescence based fully functional oil-in-water monitor to hit the marine market and it targets customers who have experienced monitor failures due to suspended solids in the water. It will be marketed by its partner in the marine industry, NAG Marine of Norfolk, Virginia also in attendance.

With its unique cell compensation system, the TD-107 is remarkable in its ability to function properly even in the presence of suspended solids in the sample. Several purchase orders will be filled with the first production run.

Turner further announced a major breakthrough solution to the problem of maintaining oilfield oil-in-water monitors by adding an ultrasonic cleaning system to their popular TD-4100 XDC on-line monitor. With proper application of the ultrasonic cleaning probe, oil-in-water monitors will be able to run for months with little or no maintenance. Preaching that zero maintenance is not always possible, this comes as close to zero maintenance as possible. The new ultrasonic cleaning system can be retrofit to existing instruments.

Lastly, Turner announced a new solvent free method for oil-in-water measurement and analysis. Using inexpensive, fully safe and disposable solutions, their applications lab has developed a field method for oil extraction analysis without solvents. Called the “cloud point extraction” or “CPE”, it allows extraction analysis to take place in environmentally sensitive areas such as the North Sea that reject use of solvents. The fully field tested system will be ready for market by September 2008.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is the industry leader in oil-in-water monitors. With a reputation for producing highly accurate and reliable instruments through quality design and manufacturing, Turner provides monitors for a wide range of applications for the petroleum, maritime, power generation and clean water industries as well as other industrial applications where hydrocarbon contamination is an issue.

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