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Hydroelectric Sump Monitoring with the New TD-1000C Oil-in-Water Monitor

Hydroelectric dams face environmental issues if oily water is discharged from their collection sumps. Collection sumps contain water leaking into the dam and wash-down water from facility cleanup. When the sump water reaches a predetermined level, it is pumped back to the river. If oil spills, leaks, or is washed into the sump water from machinery, the oil must be removed before discharge. Oil concentration should be monitored before discharge to the river to prevent potential environmental damage.

On the success of the TD-4100 oil-in-water monitor installed on many hydro facilities, we now introduce the new, low cost, easy to use TD-1000C oil content monitor for sump water monitoring. This is the latest UV fluorescent hydrocarbon in water monitor from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments.

With the ability to detect hydrocarbons as low as 20ppb (parts per billion), it provides the earliest warning of oil contamination. Its wide operating range to well over 500ppm allows plant operators to make decisions within the discharge parameters of the facility.

“Many of our instruments are employed to divert off-spec water to oil removal systems to prevent environmental damage,” says Gary Bartman, president.

TD-1000C monitors can be installed on the discharge of the sump pump for use during discharge or for full time monitoring using a small recirculation pump. Monitoring with the TD-1000C is far more sensitive and accurate than using a sheen detector which only registers a problem after the sheen reaches a given thickness. In many cases, by the time an oil sheen forms that is thick enough to be detected by a sheen monitor, it is already too late.

Because only hydrocarbons fluoresce in the optical range of the monitor, the TD-1000C is not significantly influenced by water turbidity or suspended solids. Further, an internal sensor system automatically compensates for cell condition and turbidity to maintain stability. This same feature alerts the operators if cleaning is necessary.

The instrument is pre-calibrated at the factory for easy installation in the field. This allows the instrument to be installed and functioning in less than one hour without need for special training or expensive field service. When installed to monitor any water system that could be contaminated with oil, the TD-1000C will provide early and reliable detection of leaks and low maintenance operation.

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is the worldwide leader in oil-in-water monitoring with a complete product line from bench top and hand held oil in water analyzers to on-line monitoring systems. Our worldwide field service is second to none with local service available in 34 countries.

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