3E Ingegneria (3E = energy, environment and engineering) provides consulting and engineering services for the electrical energy field, including energy production plants (thermal conventional, unconventional or supplied by renewable sources, ie. in and off-shore wind, biomasses, photovoltaic, solar thermodynamic, hydro), transmission and distribution networks (substations, overhead and underground power lines) and user facilities.

3E can provide power studies and basic engineering for electrical systems, design and working plans for electrical lines and substations, software development, basic and postgraduate courses and training.

We are a small and flexible company that can assist power plant developers, utilities, energy suppliers and energy users providing a complete range of power studies, analyses, consulting and design services.

Lattice steel tower modelisation and calculation adopting TOWER platform.
Design of conventional and unconventional thermal power plants.
Design and working plans for electrical lines.
Design and working plans for electrical substations.
Design of renewable energy power plants.
Power studies for electrical systems adopting the ETAP® platform.
Power studies for electrical systems adopting the Paladin DesignBase® platform.
Grounding system design and potential calculations with Cymground®.

Study of electric power systems

  • Load-flow analysis and short-circuit level determination
  • Load measurement and profiling
  • Electromechanical stability assessment
  • Motor starting transient voltage stability
  • Basic design and equipment selection
  • Protection system coordination and relay setting
  • Grounding and earthing systems design and calculation
  • Lightning protection system design

Electrical line and substation design

  • Preliminary design
  • Final design and working plan for HV and MV overhead lines or underground cable systems
  • Track definition
  • Line typology selection
  • Structural tower calculation
  • Terrain profile with tower distribution
  • Components selection for line terminals
  • Project and specifications for EPC
  • Offer evaluation for EPC
  • Surveillance of EPC execution

Conventional and unconventional thermal power plants design

3E can provide all the technical documentation needed to apply for the construction of a new power plant, in addition to basic engineering for the electrical systems.

Renewable energy power plant design

Whether it’s for a hydro plant, offshore or in-shore wind farm, or photovoltaic, solar thermodynamic or biomass plant, 3E offers not only a highly-detailed design, but also professional site evaluation, environmental assessment, load flow and short-circuit analysis, preliminary project plans and economic feasibility.

Electric field and magnetic induction impact evaluation

We offer calculation of electric field and magnetic induction field at the industrial frequency for multi-conductors systems and evaluation of the impact of AC LF power systems on near induced infrastructures, as metallic pipelines and telecommunications lines.

Energy management and energy audit services

3E is acknowledged as an energy services company and can provide a wide range of consulting services related to auditing energy use and planning of energy supply strategy for cost reduction, performing preliminary and comprehensive energy audits, on-site measurement and load profiling, analysis of energy bills and verification of tariff application and bill calculation methodologies, characterisation of possible demand-side energy reduction strategies, energy management, economic and technical feasibility studies, contractor selection and portfolio management, plan and verification of savings programmes.

To achieve the aforementioned targets, a broad spectrum of knowledge is needed, even implying the need of activating and coordinating specialised professionals in several fields, for each individual project.

3E company, then, has a fixed work team that, in addition to being able to perform ordinary jobs, is able to ensure basic technical services to teams of high-level consultants. In this way, 3E is able to deliver high-level services in a wide spectrum of fields, at reasonable costs and in a short time.

The fixed staff is composed by several draftsmen and long-term experienced engineers with special knowledge in several electrical fields, from energy savings to system operation analysis and power studies.Additional experience includes HV and MV overhead and underground power lines’ design to influence of AC power systems on metallic pipelines and telecommunications lines evaluation, from HV substations design to grounding and earthing systems design and lightning risk calculations.

Software platforms and customised calculation tools

All operations are performed adopting state-of-the-art technical software platforms, such as Operation Technologies ETAP®, Paladin DesignBase® or CYME software for power system studies (load-flow, short-circuit, protection coordination, dynamic simulations and transient stability, harmonic analysis) or TOWER for overhead line calculations and design.

Moreover, we have the capability to develop self-produced customised calculation tools under assignment or for performing special tasks, starting from complex Microsoft VBA® automations up to stand-alone software.

About 3E Ingegneria

3E has been servicing the power industry since 1980 and is operational in Italy, continental Europe, Africa, The Middle-East, Far East and South America, performing for worldwide companies. 3E is currently developing projects of new power lines and substations, performing power studies for industrial facilities and managing and supplying consulting services to a set of more than 100 industrial users consuming up to 1TWh per year.

Over the past twenty years, 3E Ingegneria has provided worldwide customers with feasibility studies, due diligence on acquisitions, projects development and design for more than 100 renewable plants, conventional thermal plants, co-generative power plants and planned more than 1,000km of electrical HV power lines and about hundred of HV and HV/MV substations.