Occasionally, we receive requests for chartering that we normally consider as unworkable but special clients deserve special treatment.

So, how can we nominate a vessel for a single-spot charter voyage almost two months before the cargo is ready to load? Owners will have no idea where any of their vessels will be at the indicated date of loading. Offers for the charter will, therefore, always be based on a certain vessel or any substitute in the owner’s option.

For this high-value project cargo, we were challenged to nominate a vessel weeks before the actual shipping for the purpose of engineering, calculations and approval of the insurance companies.
Given the size (8m in height) and weight (180t) of the items to be shipped, we searched for a suitable vessel of DWAT 3200t with suitable hold dimensions and deck strength.

But how to guarantee that the vessel, on which all calculations are done, will actually perform the voyage? For this, we have found a shipowner with a suitable vessel and several identical sister vessels in the shipowner’s fleet. It has been our pleasure to fix m/v Scot Isles to load four cable reels in Hartlepool UK.