ESBI is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy which provides services to the international energy sector. We operate across all aspects of the electricity value chain, from initial feasibility and market studies to the development, construction and operation of power assets.

As owner’s engineer, we develop tender specifications and evaluate bids for major energy projects, including electricity power plants, renewable generation, wind farms, SMART grids, electricity interconnectors and transmission / distribution systems. We also provide project management and construction supervision services, and offer a full range of strategic, regulatory and environmental consultancy services.

Power plant engineering for electricity generation

We are renowned for our expertise in the development and construction of power plants, particularly combined cycle gas turbine plants. Since 1977, we have worked on the specification and construction of power plants totalling over 15,000MW worldwide, including CCGT, OCGT, SCGT and CHP. We also have expertise in a variety of sustainable and renewable generation technologies, including wind generation, ocean energy generation, carbon capture and storage, and emission reduction technologies.

Electricity transmission and distribution engineering services

Transmission and distribution projects account for over half of our business and we are currently working on major projects in Ireland, Bahrain and Tanzania. In Ireland, we are supporting a multi-billion euro investment programme to enhance the transmission and distribution networks and introduce SMART grids to support increases in distributed generation. Our electricity transmission and distribution services include power systems studies, energy control systems, asset management and owner’s engineer services.

Moneypoint 900MW coal station in Ireland where ESBI is the consultant engineer on a major environmental retrofit programme.
Substation transformers under construction in Bahrain where ESBI is providing project management and engineering consultancy to EWA relating to the development of the transmission and distribution systems.
Garvagh Glebe wind farm, Ireland. ESBI is providing engineering services to support the development of over 600MW of wind generation in the UK and Ireland.
ESBI acted as owner's engineer on the construction of the Gourikwa OCGT plant in Mossel Bay, South Africa, on behalf of ESKOM.
Amorebieta 755MW CCGT, Spain. ESBI was owner's engineer on the construction of the plant.

Consultant engineer for renewable projects

ESBI’s renewable expertise includes wind, solar, biomass and ocean energy technologies, as well as decarbonisation techniques such as energy storage and carbon capture and storage. To date, we have worked on the planning, specification and construction of wind farms totalling over 250MW. We also worked on the installation of the world’s first commercial-scale tidal power generation device, SeaGen in Northern Ireland.

Strategic and environmental consultancy for the electricity sector

ESBI provides financial, commercial and technological expertise relating to the electricity and wider energy sectors. Having grown out of a vertically integrated electricity utility, we have the operational and commercial expertise to assist energy developers, investors and utilities in all aspects of electricity generation, transmission, operation, trading and supply. 

Our strategic consultancy services include project assessment and appraisal, market analysis, economic modelling, financial / investment analysis, regulatory analysis, carbon and fuel reduction strategies, and energy sector trend analysis. We also have a dedicated environmental consultancy team providing expertise in areas such as air, surface water, ground water, waste, noise, social assessment and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy project management methodology for minimised risk

ESBI has developed an award-winning project delivery methodology (PDM) which minimises project risk for energy developers and ensures that long-term business benefits are realised. The PDM is based on international best practice and past project experience and is subject to constant enhancement through a lessons learned process. We use this as the basis for all major capital projects to manage the risks associated with safety, cost management, scheduling and post-commissioning operations, and to optimise returns for power asset owners.

Utility-based engineering consultants

ESBI is fully owned by ESB Group, the Irish State-owned vertically integrated electricity utility. ESB owns a portfolio of power plants totalling over 6,000MW in Ireland, the UK and Spain, and is the transmission system owner in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. ESB, through its supply business ESB Electric Ireland, currently supplies electricity to 60% of the Irish residential market.

Global track record in power engineering

ESBI has an international track record spanning over 35 years in 115 countries, including countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and America. During this time, we have worked across many diverse cultures and technologies, and have built strong relationships with our clients by working in partnership to solve their technical and business challenges.

Customer-focused power engineering business

We invest in our staff to ensure that they have the skills, experience and expertise to deliver high quality, reliable and safe engineering solutions to energy companies around the world. We employ over 500 engineering and technical staff, including highly experienced mechanical, electrical and civil and structural engineers, as well as regulatory, environmental, strategic and economic consultants, all with specific expertise in the energy sector.