Jawda Engineering Consultant (JEC) is a consultant firm with wide experience in design and consultancy services in the field of substations, power stations, and transmission and distribution systems, including electrical, civil, architectural and mechanical works.

Since its establishment in 2001, JEC has conducted services for more than 30 engineering projects in the field of electrical substations, power generation, and transmission and distribution in the Middle East.

JEC has more than 80 highly qualified engineers in different disciplines in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt branches.

JEC’s design areas of expertise include electrical, HVAC, mechanical, civil, structural, architectural, control and protection, as outlined below.

132kV GIS assembly.<br><br><br><br>
Design of gantry towers, with 132kV cable terminations.<br><br><br><br>
Design of substation HVAC system - roof equipments.<br><br><br><br>
Power transformers.

Substation design services

JEC’s substation design services include base and detailed design of electrical, control, protection, architectural, and mechanical works.

JEC provides all detailed drawings and calculations as per the specifications of our clients.

Electrical design for power plants and transmission and distribution systems

JEC applies its design expertise to provide detailed complete power plant design, and transmission and distribution system design.

HV and MV control and protection panel design

JEC provides customers with complete detailed design for HV and MV protection, control, annunciation AC, DC and AVC panels. Our design criterion is based on customers’ specifications and/or international standards. Our design calculations and drawings are made with a flexible schedule to meet your needs.

HVAC and mechanical design services

JEC’s design services extend to HVAC and mechanical scope of works. JEC can provide design services for HVAC and chilled water for industrial commercial and residential systems; firefighting systems; steam generating and hot water systems; and pumping stations for water, sewage and oil.

Civil, structural and architectural design for power plants

JEC’s civil and structural design expertise includes concrete and steel structure design, foundation design for building and equipment under static and dynamic effects, and shop drawings and bar bending schedules for civil work.

JEC offers architectural design expertise for power plants and substations, including architectural base and detailed design, architectural landscaping, architectural interior design and working drawings.

JEC also provides consultancy services in different engineering areas, including electrical, civil, mechanical, architecture and planning, as outlined below.

Electrical and civil consultancy services for power industry projects

As part of its range of electrical consultancy services, JEC offers:

  • Performance improvement of power systems
  • Power flow and short circuit studies
  • Protective devices and relays coordination
  • Power factor correction studies

JEC’s civil consultancy work for power industry projects includes site work consultancy and site supervision, bill of quantities and specification for projects, soil investigation and soil improvement.

Mechanical consultancy for pumping stations and water systems

JEC offers mechanical consultancy services such as pumping station evaluation, upgrading and supervision; energy conservation systems; chilled water and hot water systems; and pre-engineered and site supervision of water system hydraulic balancing.

Architecture consultancy for power plants

JEC provides architecture consultancy services such as:

  • Reviewing architectural materials
  • Preparation of bill of quantities for materials experience
  • Reviewing contractor drawing and transmittals

Planning and management consultancy for the power industry

JEC’s consultancy services extend to planning projects such as feasibility studies, transmission and distribution system planning, and generation planning.

JEC’s management services for the power industry include:

  • Management consultancy
  • Project management
  • Primavera services
  • Quality management

Our clients

We have provided design and consultancy services for many well-known companies, including:

  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
  • Al-Gihaz Construction Co., Saudi Arabia
  • Advanced Energy Co., Saudi Arabia
  • Al-Faozan Group, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Oasis Contracting Co., Saudi Arabia
  • Delta Company Limited, Saudi Arabia