SCL Ingegneria Strutturale specialises in structural engineering, design (calculation and drawing), supervision / test of works and general consulting worldwide.

The company has extensive experience in many kinds of industrial plants, designing steel structures and equipment, from mills to fume treatment plants and many others, as well as plant revamping and retro-fitting.

SCL has built a particularly strong reputation in racking systems and general logistics, as well as in seismic design for both new and existing structures or buildings in the civil, industrial and infrastructural.

Racking systems and logistics for industrial applications

One of SCL’s most specialist areas is racking systems and logistics.

Structural design and manufacture drawings of scrubber structures and related access ways for fume abatement in plants for urea granulation. Reference standards: ASME and IBC.
Structural design and calculation reports of reinforces, retrofitting, changes and expansions in existing plants, as well as additional (new) elements such as duct lines, filters, chimneys.
Reference standards: Italian Technical Regulations; EC2, EC3, EC8.
Structural design of a new fume dedusting plant in a new electric generating plant fed by diesel engines, including two electrostatic precipitators, fume ducts having design temperatures higher than 400°C, duct supports and access ways.
Steam condensation plants in thermal power plants with combined cycle.
For new warehouses: assessment of structural design of all racking systems, general supervision and detail check of the installation, load test, final inspection and certification.
For existing warehouses: anti-seismic retrofit of steel racking systems all over Italy both in warehouses and customer areas, providing structural design, work management, final inspection and test. Side activities are also carried out such as periodic survey and checks, with issue fixing prescriptions, load capacity evaluation and usage suitability certification
In addition: slabs design or assessment in both steel or fibre-reinforced concrete.
Expansion of a fume extraction and dedusting plant. Changes in the existing exhaust hood structure and ducts. Design of new ducts, an axial cyclone gas washer, a filter and a chimney.
Design of a new primary and secondary fume extraction plant and related ducts, support structures and quenching tower. Pre-treatments structures, including a quenching tower and 4 vertical cyclone gas washer. Two bag filters having 20 cells. Chimney H=57 m.

Starting with Stefano Calzolari, twice former chairman of CEN-TC344 (European Norm Technical Committee for Racking Systems), all partners, and a few senior engineers are conveners or members of specific CEN/ERF Working Groups.

They are fully involved in many professional activities, focusing on structural aspects. These range from the racking systems design, particularly when a seismic one is needed, to construction, assessment and testing. SCL has been developing and carrying out these services worldwide for 20 years.

As well as the structural, and seismic, design of any kind of racking system, SCL also provides the complete design of warehouse that comprises:

  • Shed structures and foundation systems (even pile foundation)
  • Clad warehouses, freestanding warehouses
  • Warehouse and industrial floor slabs

In addition, SCL offers technical advice, management and action for:

  • Engineering of elements or components, lab testing, specific software design
  • Third-party surveys, load tests, inspections and assessments, also in cooperation with official certification bodies and legal advice
  • Feasibility, refurbishment, alignment with new standards, cost-benefit analysis, bid evaluation and contractor selection
  • Due to consolidated technical partnerships with renowned companies, SCL has performed operations in 20 countries across five continents.

Design of scrubbers, towers, hood, tanks, chimneys, electro-filters and precipitators

The variety of designed or work-managed plants also includes the structural design of equipment such as scrubbers, hoods, towers, chimneys, axial / vertical cyclones, precipitators, electro-filters, and tanks.

The company’s worldwide experience ensures that the structural design can be developed according to many international standards, passing through the following steps:

  • Feasibility analysis, preliminary design, structural pre-dimensioning
  • Executive design
    – Calculation and checks, from foundation system to elevated structures (steel, concrete, composed) and plant equipment with casings, ducts and supports, access ways
    – Calculation reports, from assumptions and modelling to the required checks
    – Executive drawings, from arrangement and layout to elements and connection details
    – Shop drawings
  • Direction and control of works
    – Check and (lab) test of elements and components
    – Direction of assembly, hoisting and erection
    – As built drawings
    – Final (lab, load) tests, assessments and certification

Some consolidated technical partnerships with major companies have often led to develop projects in some 30 foreign countries throughout five continents.

Structural and seismic design

Although the latest Italian Norm is not that old (2008-09), SCL has been performing seismic design since this the process was established, so has substantial experience in this area, as well as a complete knowledge of past Norms and approaches, which is particularly useful in retrofitting, restoration and refurbishment.

SCL is able to cover all stages of seismic design, from preliminary to executive design, for both calculations and drawings.

At present, SCL is largely involved in the restoration of a couple of residential buildings in the old town centre of L’Aquila (I), in the aftermath the latest significant earthquake.

SCL is in charge of the structural / seismic design of the retrofitting, which is very delicate because of the significant damages in both structures and partitions, as well as of the work supervision and general safety management of the building site.

Stefano Sesana is currently the convener of TC344-WG5 ‘Seismic Design of Racking Systems’.

About SCL

Based in Milan, Italy, since 1992, SCL has three partner engineers (Stefano Calzolari, Silvano Lacavalla and Stefano Sesana), who have gained knowledge and experience working for major companies in Italy and abroad, receiving vocational training in some major design companies, and working with renowned professionals and designers.

All the partners are professionally qualified and enrolled both in the Professional Register of the Milan Order of Engineers and in the Testers Register of Lombardia.

A strongly motivated 23 staff comprises mainly highly trained structural engineers, expert draftsmen and technicians; some of them have been working with SCL it was founded.