TPI Power, based in the Netherlands, is an independent company with expertise in managing and engineering engine-driven projects.

TPI provides consultancy, engineering and the supply of parts, subsystems and turnkey tailored energy solutions in the range of 10kW to 100MW for industrial, commercial and residential applications around the world. Its experienced team provides swift action and flexibility at minimal costs.

Diesel engine dual fuel conversions

TPI is the official applications provider for ComAp’s proven dual fuel (DF) conversion systems. ComAp DF retrofits allow for major fuel cost cutting by using add-on technology, without alteration to your engine’s internals. As market leader in engine and generator control systems, the ComAp brand means top quality for control of gas admission to your diesel engine.

After these conversions, fuel economy and engine safety are continuously guaranteed and the load step behavior, which is characteristic for your diesel engine, is maintained. The instant switch to original full liquid fuel mode remains available at all times.

Engine-driven power plants, ranging from 10kW to 100MW.
Modular power plants can be based on both new and refurbished equipment.
Design, testing and optimisation of equipment for heating, cooling, fuel treatment and emission control.
Engine and rotating equipment RCA with solutions for sub-expertise and claims.
Small generator set series.

The DF retrofits come in two forms, the single-point injection for high-speed engines, and multi-point injection for medium-speed engines. Depending on the cylinder arrangement and timing of your engines, TPI can offer you the most suitable kit and its installation. Practically all generator sets in the 100kW-15MW range are supported. TPI has a long history with engine brands such as Caterpillar/MaK, Cummins, Hyundai, Niigata and Wärtsilä.

In summary, the advantages of ComAp DF operation include:

  • Fuel-cost reduction
  • Return of investment within months
  • Safe operation by state-of-the-art control
  • Original load response quality
  • Minimal engine modification
  • Output guaranteed by instant switch to original mode
  • Reduced emissions of CO2, NOx, ozone, SOx, PM and CHs
  • Reduced wear, fouling and increased lube oil life
  • Possibility of further fuel cost optimisation

The dual fuel add-on system consists of a gas supply regulating train, supply piping and tubing, gas blenders of admission valves, an additional engine control system, sensors, cabling and harnessing. Prior to installation, the engine is inspected, and after conversion, the system is fully tested and commissioned

Converted dual fuel engines are able to operate on 20% of its original fuel, such as diesel, while the main fuel used is natural gas. At start-up and low part-load, the engine is operated on lower limit amount of liquid fuel. At increased engine load, the gas portion of fuel is added. Please note that in order to avoid overloading the engine thermally, de-rating to 80% of nominal output is commonly required.

The optimal gas portion is commonly reached at 85% of the nominal rated engine output, and depends on gas quality and engine type. Optional add-ons and modifications, such as water injection and charge air pressure control improve optimal operation.

Engine and auxiliary spares

TPI can supply you with spares, maintenance and overhaul kits for all engines, auxiliaries and the relevant control equipment at a very competitive price level. In order for you to upgrade and economise, our experienced team can engineer alternatives to match your requirements.

Used diesel and gas engines

Thanks to its broad network in the power generation business, TPI can source diesel and gas generator sets and engines according to your specific requests. TPI provides its knowledge and engineering to fit used diesel and gas engines into your existing or new plant.

Plant development

TPI can provide support or completely handle turnkey power project development through the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Consultancy (technical, economic, environmental or managerial)
  • Pre and final engineering
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance

Technical consultancy

TPI supports plant owners and constructors with technology in specialist areas for optimization design, problem solving and solutions in power generation installations. TPI provides the following diesel power technology services:

  • Root cause analysis and solutions for power plant equipment
  • Field inspection and measurement
  • Component analysis and (re)design
  • Engine application engineering

Containerised cogeneration units

The TPI containerised cogeneration unit is a stand-alone power generator set, which provides instant and versatile clean power. It is supplied in specifically designed heavy-duty 40ft housing and complies with ISO container requirements.

The TPI containerised cogeneration unit produces both electricity and heat, and has a broad application range. The unit is suitable for both temporary and permanent installation. Its options include the following:

  • Variable heat cogeneration 0%-100%
  • Wide bio-fuel range
  • Remote operation control
  • Single and parallel mode operation
  • Low exhaust emission and noise level
  • Durability and long service intervals
  • Local installation within 24 hours
  • High service level

Custom-built cogeneration unit

The standard version of the TPI containerised cogeneration unit is built with the above features, but can be designed to meet specific requirements of the customer. Its additional features includes:

  • Supply of single engine or generator set
  • Black start
  • Gas version
  • Trigeneration (absorption cooling)
  • High-voltage output