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Efficient and Reliable Pumps for Power Stations

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Sterling SIHI has been supplying pumps for all types of power stations for several decades. Such power plants include fossil-fuelled power plants, combined-cycle power plants, waste-fuelled power stations and nuclear power plants, with outputs ranging from small facilities generating just a few megawatts to large power plants with outputs of up to 1.2GW.

Our pumps, sludge mixers and related services for power plants include:

  • Boiler feed pumps and booster pumps for pressures of up to 160bar
  • Cooling water pumps for flow rates of up to 80,000m³/hr
  • Auxiliary pumps for various applications
  • Service for all pumps in power plants
  • Spare part supply for all pump types

Boiler-feed and booster pumps

Sterling SIHI multi pumps are used as boiler-feed and booster pumps in small to medium-sized power plants (such as waste-fuelled power stations, combined-cycle power plants or industrial power plants) with a pressure of up to 160bar. These modular pumps are designed for maximum efficiency.

The axial thrust of pumps used for a pressure up to approximately 60bar (MSL/MSM) is hydraulically balanced by a patented balance-drum system. The required thrust compensation for pumps with higher pressures of up to 160bar (MSH) is provided by a combination of a balance drum with a balance disc. The shaft is sealed by mechanical sealing.

Boiler feed and booster pumps for pressures up to 160bar.
Cooling water pumps for all types of power plants up to a volume of 80,000m³/hr.
Auxiliary pumps for condensation evacuation, deionised water, screened water, intermediate water cooling and emergency cooling.

Cooling water pumps for power plants

With the integration of MAN and Balcke-Dürr products into our range over the last few years, Ludwigshafen had become a centre of competence for large cooling water pumps for power plants. We provide cooling water pumps for all types of power plants up to a volume of 80,000m³/hr.

Using an optional pre-rotational swirl control, the pump can be adapted to a change of liquid height at the inlet during operation e.g. generated by a tidal range. If an adjustment of the flow during operation is necessary the pumps can be equipped with adjustable blades. A special mechanism changes the angle of the blades during the operation so that the flow can be adjusted with maximum efficiency.

Due to the unique design, there is only load on the gear while the blades are being adjusted. During normal operation the gear remains load-free.

Auxiliary pumps for power plants

Besides the main pumps used in power plants, the range of products offered by Sterling SIHI includes all auxiliary and ancillary pumps required in power plants, such as fire extinguisher pumps, condensation evacuation pumps, deionised water pumps, screened water pumps, intermediate water cooling pumps and emergency cooling pumps.

Depending on the application or design involved, the pumps employed can be centrifugal, side channel, volute or multi-stage ring-section models.

Service for pumps and sludge mixers

From its origins as the HALBERG company and as a result of the acquisition of the pump divisions of MAN and Balcke-Dürr 1987 and 1988, Sterling SIHI has installed thousands of pumps in the power industry.

Our service department looks after all HALBERG, MAN and Balcke-Dürr pumps and digested sludge mixers installed worldwide. We offer our customers a broad range of services that includes everything from advice to reproduction.


  • Theistareykir Geothermal Power Station

    The Theistareykir (Þeistareykir) geothermal power station is being developed by Þeistareykir, a subsidiary of the National Power Company of Iceland (Landsvirkjun), in north-east Iceland.

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