Sword CTSpace, a global leader in providing document
management and collaboration workflow applications for the construction and engineering industry, is releasing today FusionLive. This is the latest addition to the Fusion family of products which provide a unique combination of on-premise and cloud-based content management solutions to the engineering and construction industries.

Gert-Jan de Kieviet, Sword CTSpace’s global operations director, explains, “As a new state-of-the-art cloud-based engineering collaboration solution, FusionLive stands to revolutionise the content management industry with its combination of easy and quick implementation, advanced yet simple-touse interface, absolute data security, and an array of outstanding document management, business
process management and project collaboration features.”

FusionLive helps ensure that even the most complex projects, which can involve geographically dispersed teams of people representing a broad variety of companies and hundreds of different document types, run smoothly.

FusionLive includes complete document and process management functions that improve project communication, enhance the ability to manage schedules and risks and
ensure regulatory compliance by maintaining an audit trail of the project. As a Cloud computing solution FusionLive can be implemented in a matter of hours, depending on the project complexity, using its predefined templates. This ensures a successful, timely, and cost effective deployment with an immediate ROI.

FusionLive has been developed by Sword CTSpace’s own development team with over 10 years experience to provide a truly revolutionary user interface unlike any other in the current market. The aim of the new product is to make collaboration on complex projects as easy and simple as possible.

Mathieu Pollet, product director, has designed FusionLive with the end users in mind and the many new features of FusionLive reflect this objective very well. He explains “business users have become very web literate and they start to expect that web applications provide them with the same flexibility and level of personalisation as they are used to getting with their traditional desktop focused applications. With FusionLive we have realised that by combining proven robust enterprise level business logic with state-of-the-art web 2.0 technologies.”

Heath Davies, Sword Group CEO, stated, “following two years of development, pooling SaaS expertise from San Francisco (US), Pune (India) and Wales (UK), we have now delivered an outstanding new user experience for our customers and prospects. This new intuitive application allows the solution to be rapidly deployable across multi sites with limited training.” Davies continued, “I believe that our combined Fusion product family (cloud and on premises) sets the group apart from its competitors.”