Sword CTSpace, a global provider of document management and
collaboration workflow applications for the construction and engineering industries, is releasing its brand
new engineering collaboration online community. It allows those involved in developing, implementing
or working with engineering and construction collaboration technologies to report news, share and
debate ideas and to promote the benefits of collaboration solutions. People from the engineering and
construction sector and related industries will be able to view and participate in discussions.
Conversely, engineering and construction collaboration technology developers will be able to draw
attention to themselves and their industries and interact with potential clients. The website is located at engineering-collaboration.com.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the E&C industries, Sword CTSpace has built up an in-depth
understanding of how projects have become increasingly complex over the years, with the immense
volume of documentation, the overstretched supply chains and increasingly strict budgets, deadlines
and regulations. Sword CTSpace believes that a community website will help to not only draw attention
to collaboration technologies as the best way for the E&C industry to optimise its operations, but will
also encourage creativity and growth in both collaboration development and E&C operations.

The website will include interviews with thought-leading peers giving their take on current industry
trends as well as the latest presentations on ground-breaking technologies and best practices.
Registered participants will be able to comment on material, blog, and share information with one
another in a variety of different ways. The content will address specific themes related to the various
engineering and construction industries: oil and gas, energy and power generation, utilities, commercial
construction, and government and infrastructure.

Lydie Francart, Sword CTSpace’s marketing director, explains: “In its campaign to promote industry
dialogue, Sword CTSpace seeks to involve as many major industry leaders as possible. We welcome
all representatives from all these industries, whether involved in project management, engineering
design, construction management or asset operation and maintenance, to exchange ideas and opinions
around trends and challenges related to engineering and project content management. We want this
community to be open to everybody as we believe the industry itself could greatly benefit from these

Not only professionals in engineering and construction, but also journalists, researchers and students
are expected to contribute to the site. Sword CTSpace hosts, monitors, and will contribute to the
community, but anyone that registers can contribute their own videos, presentations and comments.

Gert-Jan de Kieviet, global operations director at Sword CTSpace, concludes: “With engineeringcollaboration.
com, Sword CTSpace have again demonstrated that they are at the forefront of thought
leadership in the engineering and construction industries. I hope and expect that this site will eventually
turn into an independent, industry-specific thought leadership platform.”