Brady lead

Brady identifies and protects products, people, and premises with high performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety and facility identification, spill control, lockout tagout solutions and more.

Labelling solutions for the power industry

Clear, methodical and durable identification of wires and components is vital in the power industry. Speed and flexibility are important to be profitable in this fast and demanding professional environment. In such a competitive market, pressure on time and money can be fierce. Always on the move and negotiating traffic, installers are pressured for time.

Brady offers professionals in the power industry a complete range of highly mobile labelling solutions. Brady labels are designed to stick and to remain stuck for years, all the while retaining their readability. All Brady labels are supported by easy-to-use portable label printers that can be operated using one hand only, for maximum flexibility in the field.

Brady tags and labels ensure electrical components and wires are easily identifiable.
Brady provides heavy-duty padlocks and training for the lockout / tagout system.
The design and manufacturing process of Brady signs ensures information remains legible in any environment.
Visual tagging clearly displays safety information without being obtrusive.
Brady Label printers, benchtop or handheld, offer a full range of capabilities and options to provide high-quality, cost-effective printing on a complete line of materials.
Brady spill absorbents work quickly, effectively reducing waste disposal costs.
Brady’s BBP37 sign and label printer gives you the power to make signs and labels in the colours and shapes you need to make an impact, right at your own facility and right when you need them.
The latest in label creation software, Brady Workstation revolutionises the way you create labels on your PC. Simply download the Brady Workstation platform to your desktop and add the label-creation apps you want.
Print your own custom industrial labels using our high-performance labels and printers for a variety of applications.
Wraptor™ Wire ID Printer Applicator, the automated print and apply machine that makes wire and cable identification faster and easier.

Brady also offers a range of benchtop printers, adapted to printing large numbers of labels. Engaged in offering complete solutions for the entire powerl industry, Brady has one of the largest identification product ranges on offer worldwide. According to industry research Brady systems can reduce the cost of downtime by 80%, speed up fault finding by 75% and make installation 20% faster.

Cable and wire marking

As a leader in wire and cable marking, Brady takes pride in having a solution for every identification challenge in the electrical industry. Solutions include wrap-around and self-laminating labels and specialised labels with self-extinguishing, insulating, extremely durable, or highly resistant properties.

Terminal block marking

Professionals in panel building have to mark a lot of terminal blocks and different panel manufacturers require different shapes of labels and markers. More and more panel manufacturers have defined a small area on their panels where a label can be used. Regardless which panel manufacturer customers are working with, Brady has a tailored solution to neatly identify specific panels or terminal blocks.

Electrical components and general identification resistant labels

Brady offers a full range of electrical component marking labels including a label designed to cope with powder-coated surfaces. Many labels are available in different colours. Our revolutionary EPREP (engraved plate replacement) solution saves time and money by eliminating the need to outsource costly engraved plates. Durable materials, specialised for various harsh conditions, including all types of aggressive solvents, are available from Brady. Several different sizes are also available.

Safety identification for maintenance, spills and signage

Brady Safety Solutions offer tools and products to create a safer working environment. Brady electrical lockout kits are easy to use and are tamper-proof. Also on offer are non-conductive padlocks specifically designed for electrical power sources. A wide offering of safety signs is available to increase general employee safety. Brady will deliver any sign on demand.