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Janus Fire Systems

Fire Protection Products

1102 Rupcich Drive,
Millennium Park,
Crown Point IN 46307,
United States of America

1102 Rupcich Drive,
Millennium Park,
Crown Point IN 46307,
United States of America

Janus Fire Systems is a full-service fire protection manufacturer and designer dedicated to providing unsurpassed fire protection solutions for any hazard type by integrating proven fire protection technology. Janus Fire Systems combines experience and innovation with high-quality manufacturing and dedicated customer service.

Full-service special hazard fire protection

Janus Fire Systems offers a full range of services, from system design and manufacturing to site survey, hazard analysis, project management, consulting, field commissioning, testing, and training. We also offer on-site project technical support, project integration, and fire protection turnkey capabilities. The Janus professional staff has expertise in all areas of special systems project development and implementation.

Janus Fire Systems employs an experienced staff of engineers, designers, and technicians for all areas of special hazard fire protection. Janus’s professional staff is OSHA and NICET certified. Janus Fire Systems is ISO certified and associated with the SFPE. Members of the Janus team also currently sit on the FSSA and NFPA technical committees.

Clean agent suppression systems

Janus Fire Systems designs and manufactures clean agent suppression systems utilizing either FM-200® or 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid. These non-conductive and human-safe systems are typically installed to protect the following locations and equipment:

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Computer rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Marine systems
  • Museums and universities
  • Libraries and archives
  • Storage facilities
  • Oil and gas petrochemical facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and medical facilities
  • Electronics equipment
  • Data storage facilities
  • Medical facilities

Carbon dioxide suppression systems

Janus Fire Systems manufactures and designs both low-pressure systems where the carbon dioxide is stored in refrigerated ASME pressure vessels and high-pressure systems where the CO2 is stored in pressurized spun steel cylinders.

Janus Fire Systems also designs retrofit control systems for upgrading existing carbon dioxide systems to meet recently revised NFPA guidelines. Carbon dioxide systems are used in the following industries and locations:

  • Power generation: base load plants, combined cycle plants, power peaking units and turbine enclosures
  • Cement plant / blast furnace: indirect coal firing systems
  • Metals production and processing: electric furnaces, continuous casters, rolling mills (steel and aluminum) and coating lines
  • Electronic operations: computer facilities, information storage systems and electrical substations
  • Halon replacement / upgrades: coal conversions and coal storage / handling / pulverizing

Fire protection foam systems

Foam systems are typically used where flammable liquids are present. There are multiple types of foam, but each type is formed by the same three basic parts: air, in the form of bubbles; water delivered in a specific density within an area; and foam concentrate injected into the water stream through a proportioner. Foam systems are generally implemented in locations such as the following:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Basements
  • Cable tunnels
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • Tank farms
  • Loading facilities
  • Warehouses

Water-based sprinkler systems

In water-based sprinkler systems, piping is connected to an adequate water supply based on the hazard being protected so that water is discharged immediately following the actuation of a sprinkler head. Water-based systems are utilized in locations and applications such as:

  • Industrial machine spaces
  • Power generation plants
  • Steel foundries
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Conveyers
  • Transformers

Fire protection alarm and detection systems

Janus Fire Systems carries both conventional and addressable control panels and accessories to complement and control any type of fire suppression system. Among the devices and stations available are the following:

  • Detection: spot type heat detection, linear heat detection, air sampling smoke detection, standard smoke detection, and sophisticated gas and flame detection
  • Manual stations: discharge stations, keyed lock-out stations and abort stations
  • Audible and visual devices: alarm horns, alarm strobes, alarm bells, explosion-proof products and combination units

Janus Fire Systems at the NFPA Conference and Expo 2014

Janus Fire Systems, a manufacturer and designer of fire protection products such as clean agent suppression systems, carbon dioxide suppression systems, fire protection foam systems, sprinkler systems and fire alarms, is to exhibit at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference and Expo 2014.

Janus Fire Systems

1102 Rupcich Drive

Millennium Park

Crown Point IN 46307

United States of America