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Checkers Safety Conducts Firefly Cable Protectors Testing

Checkers tests its solutions to ensure they are produced to the highest standard. Recently, Firefly Cable Protectors underwent testing at our facility.

After testing, we found that the Firefly cable protectors’ red LED battery length to be at an astonishing 420 hours, which allows more than 17 days of power.

Firefly Cable Protectors are relied on to remain visible in low-visibility situations. With the incredibly long battery length, Firefly’s LED lights are one less thing to worry about at your venue and events.

Firefly allows the cable to run in dark spaces, while not forfeiting sturdiness. Over 20,000lb can be rolled over without damaging the protector or its LED housing. Easily visible LED blue or red lights run across the frame of all Firefly cable protectors and even when lights are turned off, all lids come in a high-visibility colour pattern, with lid choices of green, blue, orange, and yellow.

With dog-bone style connectors, Firefly can lock into place with some of our other non-lighted cable protectors, allowing Firefly to adhere and fit in any venue and any weather thanks to its solid polyurethane construction.

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