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Monster Rubber Parking Stops

Monster Parking Stops

The two most common types of parking stops are made from concrete and rubber, which each present individual advantages.

Here at Monster, we manufacture our parking stops from premium recycled rubber, which creates a better overall product, albeit at a slightly higher cost. The cost aspect is the largest advantage that concrete parking stops offer: they are an extremely bottom linedriven solution. However, it is important to keep in mind that in this case, you get what you pay for.

Concrete lacks the durability of rubber, particularly in areas that are prone to heavy precipitation and freezing weather. When moisture penetrates tiny cracks in the concrete, it is able to freeze and expand, which causes additional damage and greatly reduces the lifespan of concrete parking curbs.

Concrete parking stops lack aesthetic appeal

The problems with concrete products go further than simply a short lifespan. For many business owners, their parking lots are the first areas that customers experience. Because concrete parking stops are prone to cracking and crumbling, this can lead to an extremely unappealing parking lot.

If a business owner paints their parking stops to create a better overall aesthetic for their business, there is still a risk of chipped or faded paint, and the parking curbs will have to be periodically retouched to keep their paint looking attractive and vibrant.

Monster rubber parking curbs as a solution

These problems simply don’t exist with Monster rubber parking stops. Our rubber is premium grade, which means it won’t chip, crack, or crumble like concrete. We’re so confident of their durability that we offer a three-year warranty on the product. We also offer parking stops in several colours, including black (with white or yellow tape), blue, and terracotta, ensuring that you’ll be able to customize your parking lot to match the aesthetic of your business.

Another major advantage of Monster parking curbs is the weight. Rubber typically isn’t thought of as a ‘light’ material but compared to concrete, it is substantially easier to transport. While concrete parking curbs can weigh over 200lbs, Monster premium rubber parking stops weigh just 34lbs, which is a fraction of the weight of concrete. This means installation can be a much quicker, and therefore less expensive, process.

Should modifications to parking alignments be necessary, Monster parking stops can easily be moved. Additionally, this portability makes them great for temporary usage, at festivals or events for example.

Like all of our products, Monster parking stops are a premium solution.

For more information about our parking curbs, please use the enquiry form on this page.

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