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G-Max Security

Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Perimeter Intrusion (PIDS) and Underwater Intrusion Detection Systems

100 Hadar St. Moshav,
Kidron, 70795,

G-Max Security develops, manufactures and markets the world’s most advanced and complete line of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), underwater intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, access control, and command and control centers (CCC) for military, industrial and commercial applications on a worldwide basis.

G-Max Security products are installed worldwide, protecting power stations, prisons, oil refineries, international borders, government facilities, airports, and many other civil and military facilities.

G-Max Security’s outdoor perimeter security solutions are detailed below.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS)

G-Max Security’s fence perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) are in use worldwide to protect a wide range of facilities, including power stations. Features include:

  • Sensor cable installed on any existing or new mesh fence, barbed wire fence and/or many others type of barriers
  • Electronic taut wire configuration
  • Anti-climbing detection on top of a fence or a wall
  • Unique solutions to detect digging and tunnelling below barrier
  • On-wall detection
  • Solar panel security – theft protection

Underground intrusion detection systems

G-Max Security’s underground intrusion detection systems include an underground magnetic, passive, concealed perimeter intrusion detection system loops or poles configuration; an underground super sensor net as a pressure perimeter intrusion detection system; and an underground pipeline pilferage detection system.

Underwater intrusion detection systems

G-Max Security’s underwater intrusion detection systems are based on three main types:

  • Passive magnetic intrusion detection system: the system is installed on the seabed; any attempt of a diver to cross above the sensor with a ferromagnetic object will trigger an alarm
  • MarineSensor Net: this cut and pass-through detection net triggers an alarm at any attempt to cut, lift, crawl under, climb over or pass through the sensor net
  • Grid detection: protection of water outlets and tunnels, based on a metal construction grid with embedded sensor cable; any attempt to cut or to bend one of the grid bars for intrusion will trigger an alarm

Access control systems

Access control systems enable personnel identification for outdoor and indoor applications. They include magnetic, proximity, biometric access card readers.

Indoor and outdoor CCTV systems

G-Max Security offers video analytics, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and VMS, as well integration with existing CCTV systems and with perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Command and control center for integrated security systems

G-Max Security’s command and control center (CCC) enables integration of comprehensive security systems including perimeter detection, access control, CCTV and many other indoor and outdoor sensors. The CCC has the capacity to communicate with multiple communication IP or analog communication in star and drop configuration by wire or by fiber optic cables.

Underwater and intrusion detection products

Super Sensor is a sensor cable for perimeter intrusion detection systems installed on mesh fence, barbed wires fence, electronic taut wire and underground in sensor net configuration.

MarineSensor Net is an underwater detection system that provides reliable protection to a harbour against a variety of threats entering from the sea. It can be installed as part of a comprehensive integrated system or stand-alone with dry-contact outputs. It can be installed freestanding or attached to any new or existing barriers.

UPDS is G-Max Security’s concealed underground and on-wall, magnetic, passive perimeter intrusion detection system.

UPDS Marine Magnetic Sensor is an underwater magnetic, concealed, passive, perimeter intrusion detection system. It provides reliable protection against a variety of threats entering from the sea.

G-Max4000 is a software and hardware command and control centre, integrating a surveillance video system with PIDS, UPDS and access control system, including advanced video and alarms display, DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras.

About G-Max Security

G-Max Security is based in Israel and its international activities cover five continents via networks of representatives and distributors.

G-Max Security offers to all its customers in-depth sales training courses for sales personnel and technical courses for system design, installation and maintenance personnel.

G-Max security systems and products are at the cutting edge of the latest hi-tech and based on unique, innovative technologies, which provides the highest quality, while being cost-effective.

G-Max Security employs highly skilled engineers, technicians, programmers and R&D personnel. The company is constantly developing new generations for its existing products and new detection technologies.

G-Max Security Technologies Ltd

100 Hadar St. Moshav

Kidron, 70795