Weather map

Belgingur is an expert in high resolution weather forecasting, and provides solutions for the global renewable energy sector, the emergency rescue sector and the media.

As well as offering online forecasts in a range of graphic and data formats, the company undertakes consulting projects such as wind resource assessment, forecast optimisation and training.

Weather services for remote areas

Belgingur provides accurate weather forecasting solutions for the global renewable energy and emergency rescue sectors. Its products and services enable customers to better anticipate changing weather conditions and respond accordingly.

Belgingur can provide a range of wind forecasts in difficult environments that can be transformed into energy production estimates.

Belgingur’s core expertise is in downscaling and optimising weather forecasts according to local topography, land use and weather patterns, making its approach particularly suitable for complex terrain.

The company has developed proprietary technology to improve the efficiency and scalability of forecast computation, resulting in greater flexibility and responsiveness for the user. Our team of experts has many years of experience collaborating with leading international meteorological organisations in research and development.

Belgingur’s weather forecasting tools provide customers with access to up-to-date accurate wind and weather predictions, formatted to suit operational requirements.

Key advantages our range of solutions are superior forecasting in complex terrain and the ‘forecast on demand’ capability to produce new forecasts on-the-fly.

Customisable meteorlogical forecasting systems

Belgingur’s forecasting system is a fully scalable forecasting system. It is a one-stop solution, that enables easy customisation of the forecasting process, from a global forecast to high-resolution forecasts presented in a modern and mobile-friendly webpage.

The system is event-driven, meaning that processes start as soon as possible, so computing resources are put into immediate use. It is also fully scalable and very resilient. Computing nodes can also be added for increased throughput. It is a proven technology that is currently being installed with multiple international clients.

Weather prediction systems for complex terrain

Belgingur has developed a versatile forecasting methodology, which can be optimised for even the most complex terrain. The company’s team of experts tailors each forecast model by selecting the best performing combination of parameterisation schemes.

Forecast accuracy can be further enhanced by the incorporation of supplementary data such as orography, land-use or in-situ meteorological and power output information.

Meteorological data for the media

Belgingur is the sole provider of meteorological data for the largest media company in Iceland. This service includes forecast maps for prime-time television newscasts, maps and meteograms for newspapers, as well as holistic solutions for company websites.

Wind farm forecasts and optimisation

Belgingur offers a range of medium to high resolution wind forecasts that can be transformed into energy production estimates. These estimates can be optimised by using operational data. The wind forecasts can also be adapted for direct use with existing windpower prediction software.

As model resolution is increased, processes governed by the interaction of the large-scale flow and the terrain become clearer due to the model. This is of particular importance for wind farms located in complex topography or in the vicinity of water bodies or vegetation.

For even greater optimisation and increased accuracy, the Belgingur forecasting system allows for the improvement of local wind forecasts by the use of remote sensing profiles, and / or in-situ weather measurements from masts or UAVs.

Wind resource assessment in adverse locations

Belgingur offer wind resource assessments to assist clients with both site selection and configuration. The analysis involves creating a detailed wind atlas based on high-resolution, dynamical downscaling of weather for extended periods, calibrated to historic in-situ measurements or data collected as part of the assessment.

A key strength of Belgingur’s wind resource assessment is our ability to model wind characteristics in complex terrain, including in the presence of trees, plants and water.

Consulting and hydropower resource modeling

Belgingur’s team of skilled experts is able to provide a full range of supporting services in the field of high resolution weather and wind forecasting. These services include training, knowledge transfer and software customisation.

Belgingur has also undertaken hydropower resource modelling and assessment in partnership with specialist hydropower engineering consultants, Vatnaskil.