EGYPTROL provides engineering, commissioning, substation equipment and power transformer testing, and power station instrument calibration services to engineering, procurement construction (EPC) contractors, in addition to power projects staffing services.

Power plant project commissioning services

EGYPTROL undertakes agreements to commission thermal, simple cycle and combined cycle power plants.

It prepares testing and commissioning procedures of gas turbine combustion turbine-generators (CTG), steam turbines (STG), boilers, heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), and water treatment electromechanical systems.

The company performs the scoping of systems and develops commissioning programmes, safety and permit-to-work (PTW) procedures, and commissions schedule and turnover packages.

EGYPTROL carries the commissioning contracts of electro-mechanical BOP with EPC contractor.
The company provides HRSG systems commissions and operations.
3D modelling Plant 3D specs, isometrics, fabrication, BOQ and tender services are all available.
The company provides site surveys, options for pipe routing and stress analysis using CAESAR II.
EGYPTROL prepares P&IDs, isometrics and fabrication drawings for fuel oil, lube oil, compressed air, sludge, exhaust and cooling water.
GCB, UAT, GSUT and IPB testing and commissioning are carried out by EGYPTROL.
The testing and calibration of power plant temperature equipment are performed by EGYPTROL.
EGYPTROL provided personnel for the commissioning of six combined cycle modules.
EGYPTROL designs cooling system logic diagrams.

Before commissioning, EGYPTROL conducts walk-downs with the erection team to initiate and accept Erection Clearance Certificates (ECC) handover packages. ECCs are issued with a list of open points (LOP) for each system.

Pre-commissioning activities include control loop checks between a distributed control system (DCS) and field equipment, cold functional testing, and dry logic checks. Commissioning activities begin with fluid fill, equipment by equipment operation, system flushing and chemical cleaning.

The commissioning team confirms check sheets, system handover documentation, develop / monitor systems, inspections, they verify alignment, lubrication and rotation of rotating machinery, safety relief valve certification, flushing and blowing, and permanent strainers under commissioning.

The team also ensures erection debris removal, verification of instrumentation and control loops, operation of control valves, pipe support adjustments for expansion, and loading within limits.

Once the plant systems are commissioned the plant is ready for a reliability run, performance testing and turning-over to the operations and management (O&M) team.

Training of permanent operations staff is also available.

Power project engineering and detailed design services

EGYPTROL integrates civil, mechanical, electrical, plant design, instrumentation and control (I&C) systems engineering disciplines to produce reliable engineering designs.

The company also provides design review and construction supervision services to EPC building power projects. During the project development phase, EGYPTROL provides front-end engineering designs (FEED), preliminary designs, tendering and financial modelling support.

Mechanical systems detailed design

During the detailed mechanical systems design phase, EGYPTROL supplies equipment / system sizing calculations, PFD’s, piping and instrumentation diagram / drawings (P&IDs), hydraulic calculations using the pipe flow expert, bill of quantities (BOQs), specifications, mechanical lists (line, valve, instruments and specialty) and mechanical system design review.

In mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems design, EGYPTROL uses MEP Revit, Elite, HAP and 2D AutoCAD.

Piping system specifications and plans

EGYPTROL offers piping specifications, plot plan, 3D modelling using Plant 3D and plant design management systems (PDMS).

The company also provides piping isometrics and shop drawings, BOQs, stress analysis using CAESAR II in addition to pipe support / hanger design and detailing.

Civil and structure systems

The company performs foundation designs for rotary and static equipment, concrete and steel design for superstructures, and concrete design for water structures.

In addition, EGYPTROL supplies structure 3D Modelling using Plant 3D, structural analysis using STAAD Pro and SAP, as well as structural detailing using TEKLA, BOQs and specs.

Electrical system analysis

General arrangements, single and three-line diagrams (SLD and 3LD), power system analysis and calculations are available using ETAP electrical engineering software.

Protection relay setting, voltage drop calculation, raceway design, cable trays, grounding systems, cable sizing, routing and cable lists are all offered by EGYPTROL, in addition to lighting calculations using DIALux, fire alarms, CCTV and sound systems, MTO, and electrical systems design review.

I&C system design and review

EGYPTROL produces input / output (I/O) lists, instrument lists, logic diagrams, functional block diagrams, instrument data sheets, instrument hook-up details, level setting diagrams, BOQs and I&C systems design review.

Substation equipment and power transformers testing

EGYPTROL performs commissioning of up to 500KV (GIS) and outdoor (AIS) substation activities such as testing of circuit breakers (function, timing, contact resistance, contact travel distance), power transformer up to 500MVA and 500kV (insulation resistance, ratio, vector group, DC winding resistance, Tan Delta, frequency resonance analysis, oil testing).

EGYPTROL has a long list of substation and power transformers testing equipment, including Substation Test Set (STS 5000), Tan Delta (TD 5000), DRTS 64, CBA 1000 (circuit breaker analyser and microhmmeter) and BUX3000 (current booster).