Excess Power Equipment (EPE) is a major supplier of power and distribution transformers; both new and refurbished, mining substations, kiosks, medium and high-voltage switchgears.

Refurbishing and testing transformers and switchgear

EPE is unique for the combination of both its high stock levels and self-sufficiency in refurbishing and testing transformers and switchgear. Several clients use EPE’s services for the refurbishment of their own transformers and switchgear, with the option to hire stock units during the overhaul period.

Transformers to meet MEPS efficiency standards

The availability of new transformers, which can be manufactured to minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), has enabled EPE to offer environmentally-friendly units. MEPS efficiency units provide a 70% reduction in loss when compared with standard efficiency transformers. This in turn means that power stations are not working as hard and consequently producing fewer emissions that damage the environment.

Oil-filled transformers that meet environmental standards

EPE has forged good working relationships with Thailand and Chinese suppliers of new transformers. EPE products are generally available from 50kVA 3.3kV up to 370MVA and 500kV are compliant with IEC76-2/AS60076/2374 standards.

EPE represents some of the world's biggest suppliers of transformers, with a range of up to 20,000KVA at 35kV.
A cyclone-rated kiosk, fully bunded and rated to withstand weather conditions of up to category D, terrain 2, 88m a second.
New transformers can be manufactured to MEPS efficiency standards, allowing EPE to provide environmentally friendly units.
One of two 115 / 63.9 / 51.1 MVA, 115kV / 21kV / 10.5kV transformers installed in Finland, supplied by EPE and manufactured in China.
Two Cyclone kiosks leaving for the North West of Western Australia.

Distribution transformers include features, such as:

  • Copper foil
  • High-voltage winding
  • Vacuum drying and filling.
  • MEPS efficiency standards

EPE has sourced power transformer manufactures in China. These factories offer high-quality units to Australian and international standards and have ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditation. The range EPE offers for power transformers is from 66kV to 500kV and 5,000kVA to 370,000kVA.

Power transformers include features, such as:

  • High-efficiencies, which reduce network loss and costs.
  • High short circuit and insulating strengths
  • Low temperature rise
  • Low noise
  • Reliability in operation

In today’s world, where the need to meet environmental, safety and financial considerations have become paramount, EPE offers the Envirotemp FR3 fluid from Cooper Power Systems. This fluid, which is a direct replacement for transformer mineral oil, meets all of the above standards. It can be supplied with new transformers or retro filled.

Using Envirotemp FR3 fluid provides improvements in safety, environmental responsibility, performance and savings.

High-voltage rewind transformers

In 2003, EPE installed transformer winding and design facilities to wind and rewind both ONAN and ANAN transformers to meet custom requirements up to 2MVA and 66kV. In 2010, EPE further extended its facilities for winding and completed a new air-conditioned winding room, with a total area of 60m².

The new winding room allows EPE to offer clients viable solutions for both repair and new coils within the winding range.

Dry-type transformers

The EPE Group supplies high quality cast resin transformers from China. EPE represents some of Asia’s and the world’s biggest suppliers, with a range of up to 20,000KVA at 35kV.

These low-loss transformers are manufactured using materials sourced from the world’s best. The cast resin system is by CIBA Geigy. The low-loss, low-expansion silicon steel is made by Nippon Steel and its windings in class F insulation are all copper, including an LV strip from KM Germany.

ISO 9001 quality accreditation by BSI, coupled with short circuit type tests and thermal shock test certification from Kema High Power Laboratory, are all testimony of transformer reliability and efficiency in applications for high-rise and public access buildings, the oil and gas industry, hotels and underground power.

Bunded kiosks to prevent oil damage and endure cyclones

EPE has designed and developed bunded kiosks. Being completely enclosed, any oil spills remain contained within the bunded area preventing oil damage to the surrounding site. No onsite foundations are required and EPE offers a flexible design to accommodate client specifications. Recognising the need to construct for cyclone conditions, EPE continued development of the kiosk designs and now produces cyclone-rated units to Category D, Terrain 2, 88m a second. These kiosk designs continue to develop as new technologies become available.