With the new ML-I, Multi-Contact is bringing in a new generation of MULTILAM – in several respects. Not only is the new ML-I made from a sustainable contact material and optimized for manufacturing and installation, it has also been designed to meet different requirements from the market and from a range of areas of application.

In addition, the newly established nomenclature to describe this and future types of MULTILAM is used for the first time here – hence ‘ML-I’. With the ‘ML’ abbreviation, Multi-Contact combines the standardization of types with the trademarked MULTILAM brand name.

Compact and Efficient Contact Solutions

The new ML-I is a high-performance, slim MULTILAM. Made from a beryllium-free copper alloy, it represents an optimized synergy of geometric, electrical, and mechanical properties. Naturally, it is based on the proven basic principle of MULTILAM contact technology, and guarantees the low contact resistance, high contact quality, reliability, and durability to which our clients are accustomed.

Both versions – with and without corrugation – permit concise and compact contact solutions with a high current-carrying capacity.

These advantages, together with the new easier installation in a simple, inexpensive groove (straight groove), translate to material and cost savings for the customer. New manufacturing and logistics processes enable short delivery times and high flexibility with different lengths and diameters.

The ML-I is suitable for static and dynamic applications, and can be used for round, flat, and forked connectors. A particularly exceptional characteristic is that it is equally suitable for connectors that are only inserted once and therefore need to be especially cost-effective, as well as for those with at least 10,000 mating cycles or those that must withstand a very high number of insertion cycles.

It is therefore ideally suited for efficient, high-performance contact solutions and connectors in energy technology, medium- and high-voltage switchgear, or for pluggable connectors, for example in transformers.

Contact solutions in application areas where beryllium is to be replaced in the future can be implemented already today, as can sophisticated, customer-specific solutions. As a specialist, Multi-Contact offers more than 50 years of experience and expertise in this area.